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Milk infaniles NOVALAC at the best PRICE, wide range of Novalac 1, Novalac 2, premium range, anticolico, antiestreñimiento, antiregurgitacion.

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  • Novalac 2 Premium Proactive 800 Gift Tin 400 g
    Novalac 2 Premium Proactive 800 Gift Tin 400 g

    Novalac 2 Premium Proactive 800 Gift Tin 400 g promotional gift to buy your pot of milk continuation of Novalac it in your non-online farmaciamarket, best formula milk for your baby starting from 6 months of life. Saves you every boat purchase you will be 1 gift.

    24,95 € -16.012% 20,96 €
  • Novalac 1 premium 800 g
    Novalac 1 premium 800 g

    It is a formula for babies from 0 to 6 months. This product contains prebiotics. To be used when Breastfeeding is not possible. It is formulated with polyunsaturated fatty acids 3 and 6. Contains Nucleotides and Taurine. With proteins very similar to those in breast milk.

    18,40 €
  • Novalac 2 premium 800 g
    Out of stock
    Novalac 2 premium 800 g

    Novalac 2 Premium 800 grams is the milk of laboratories novalac for the baby from the sixth month of life, take care of your baby and gives you everything you need to avoiding the discomfort of the baby and encouraging their satisfaction, with the best views of specialists and at the best price, valid from the sixth month of life up to two years of...

    15,00 € -6.7449% 13,99 €
  • Comprar Novalac 3 premium 800 g Comprar Novalac 3 premium 800 g
    Out of stock
    Novalac 3 premium 800 g

    Novalac Premium 3 package 800 grams is the formula of ferrer rich in minerals and vitamins which makes it a formula full for babies over a year of life.

    12,89 €
  • Novalac AC 800 g Novalac AC 800 g
    Out of stock
    Novalac AC 800 g

    It is a formula for babies from 0 to 12 months. For infants with colic. It has a reduced lactose content. It has high digestibility. Reduces gases. Reduces abdominal distention. Valid from 0-36 months

    21,90 €
  • Novalac AR 800 g Novalac AR 800 g
    Out of stock
    Novalac AR 800 g

    Novalac AR anti-regurgitation 800 grams - it is a milk formulated to avoid or decrease the regurgitations and vomiting of the baby from the first day that cause his discomfort, favors his rest and satisfaction. With the best opinions of specialists and very recomennedada Valid from newborns. Valid from 1 month of life to 12 months.

    21,90 €
  • Novalac AE 800 g Novalac AE 800 g
    Out of stock
    Novalac AE 800 g

    Novalac AE 800 g Anti-Constipation 800 grams. it is a special milk for your baby in case of constipation problems, it increases the volume of bowel movements, stimulates intestinal motility and prevents hardening. A milk recommended by pediatricians and digestive specialists. Facilitates frequent bowel movements of your baby. Pack of 800 grams

    21,90 €
  • Novalac AR Plus 800 g Novalac AR Plus 800 g
    Out of stock
    Novalac AR Plus 800 g

    Novalac AR PLus 800 grams is a formula specially designed for infants and children with regurgitation important and recurring. With proven and made with the best quality of life and comfort for the baby and their parents. It is a formula prepared from newborn until your baby's pediatrician's discretion and is valid for up to 36 months.

    21,90 €
  • Utipro Plus 30 Capsules
    Out of stock
    Utipro Plus 30 Capsules

    Utipro Plus 30 Capsules is a food supplement for the prevention of infection in the urinary tract, caused by possible recurrent infections by e. coli. You can use it as a treatment or as a preventative thanks to its composition the market leader and supplementing your daily diet. With 2 capsules every 5 days and then chronic daily is perfect for...

    15,95 € -6% 14,99 €
  • Novalac 1 Premium Proactive 800 grams Novalac 1 Premium Proactive 800 grams
    Out of stock
    Novalac 1 Premium Proactive 800 grams

    It favors child development. Improves the growth of the baby. It covers the nutritional requirements. Suitable for the first 6 months of the baby. Contains probiotics Collaborates with the prevention of infections

    18,95 €

Novalac Price

Novalac has in its entire range of baby milk is a multidisciplinary team composed by pediatricians, pharmacists, and specialists in child nutrition, focused on improving day-to-day products.

This team aims to seek solutions dietary effective against the different situations that are presented during the first years of life, with the assurance that ensure the comfort and the proper development of the baby.

For this reason, from Farmaciamarket bet for a laboratory Novalac, confident in their ability to provide quality solutions in all stages of baby food, and as always with our commitment to offer you the best Novalac price.

the baby milk have been the subject of rigorous analysis with a detailed summary of the physiological and pathophysiological processes that have served as the basis for the design of the different formulations.

The range Novalac provides a quality response, adapted to the different stages of the infant, and the digestive disorders more fercuentes in the baby.
Novalac and its range of baby milk performs all of its processes and development according to the standards and regulations of european and international formulas in infant nutrition.

Novalac has a presence in numerous countries, and has contributed to the power and development of millions of children around the world.

Novalac Offer

The concept of quality takes on a fundamental dimension when we refer to food of animal origin as well as of the environment, agri-food. For this reason, the manufacturing milk Novalac is subject to a maximum of attention.

The range of formulas Novalac maintains high standards of manufacturing are far superior to those that are required in the production of baby milk within the rules of the European Union, the manufacturing is done in France and in various locations in the rest of Europe.

Dairy producers and their quality

Dairy producers are chosen after rigorous controls to manufacture the Milk Novalac and must spend a few procedures are very restrictive to allow our laboratoios a rigorous control of the quality of the animals used for the production, as well as the quality of the milk, which will come to our plant and will be used for the production of our infant formulas.

On the other hand, and according to the legislation in force, the power being supplied to the livestock are exempt from flour of animal origin. Likewise, apply all steps necessary to prevent the presence of pollutants dioxins, pesticides, nitrates?. None of the ingredients of the milk Novalac from raw materials genetically modified.

Baby milk Novalac are manufactured in plants of dairy production, which allows the use of only fresh milk as raw material, a guarantee of the highest quality.

Manufacturing and quality controls

All the processes carried out in the manufacture of our milk is carried out in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2000.

On the whole, there are more than 500 controls before a single pot Novalac leave our facility. These rigorous checks are carried out on raw materials like milk and water, equipment, manufacturing processes and finished products.

The controls are physical, chemical and microbiological. Thanks to them we can ensure the highest quality throughout the manufacturing process up to the time of packaging.

Quality in the distribution

The range of formulas Novalac ships through the channel and pharmacy, among which you will find FarmaciaMarket which ensures the consumer a suitable advice and guidance provided by health specialists.

The distribution through the pharmacy ensures the pediatrician: a proper follow-up of your prescription and advice, as well as a greater assurance of proper use of each type of milk.

Novalac is a kind exclusive and innovative of infant formula created by a team of specialists in nutrition with the aim to meet the needs of each baby to the realization that not all baby milk available in the market were adapted to all infants.

Novalac Buy

The problem was that was all “the kids” alike so that despite ensure a proper diet, and in many of them –the more sensitive or sensitive to certain foods - were suffering from various digestive problems such as colic, constipation, colic, spitting up, or gases. In order to avoid it, the nutritionists were put to work on the development of infant formulas diverse launched on the market the supply of milk to specialized child Novalac: designed to adapt to the characteristics of each baby, trying to avoid the digestive disorders more common among infants.

The first milks specialized formulas Novalac were sold in 2001 in France, and the following year, in our country. Such was his success that now, a decade later, they are available in 25 countries on five continents.

The secret of success Novalac possibly resides in the large team of specialists working on the formulation of these children food, being among them, pharmacists, pediatricians, and nutritionists specialized in child nutrition. All of them have faced the various digestive problems, analyzing in detail the pathophysiological processes and physiological found in infant patients, offering solutions dietary avoid such digestive disorders, while ensuring a pleasant flavour to their little palates and most importantly, they provide all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and elements that ensure with proper development and growth, but without digestive complications, with different formulas well certified.

The offer of infant formula Novalac respect the rules and european and international standards on formulas in infant nutrition, backed by a prestigious multi-disciplinary team of specialists, pharmacists, child nutrition, and pediatricians.

Therefore, we can ensure that the formulas Novalac ensure infant formula with all the nutritional qualities necessary for the proper growth of the baby but eliminating everything that can cause digestive problems. The highlight for many dads and moms is that the milk Novalac have the same flavor is your standard variety, or whether the special treatment (for example, satiating), something very appreciated by the little gourmet, in many cases, once they have tasted the products of this brand because they don't want other.

You can buy your products Novalac Premium with excellent discounts in Farmaciamarket, where you'll find not only offers Novalac and promotions Novalac extremely seductive, but we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you.

Acquired already in farmaciamarket your products Novalac at very affordable prices. You'll enjoy fast, good discounts, and a wide range of products for the whole family.