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Novalac 1 premium 800 g


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  • It is a formula for babies from 0 to 6 months.
  • This product contains prebiotics.
  • To be used when Breastfeeding is not possible.
  • It is formulated with polyunsaturated fatty acids 3 and 6.
  • Contains Nucleotides and Taurine.
  • With proteins very similar to those in breast milk.

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Why use Novalac 1 Premium 800 g?

Novalac 1 Premium 800 g it is an infant formula indicated for babies from birth to 6 months of age when Breastfeeding can not be carried out.

It is composed of whey proteins, vegetable oils, GOS prebiotics, polyunsaturated fatty oils, soy lecithin, L - Tyrosine,B - complex vitamins, L-Carnitine, Zinc sulfate, antioxidants, selenium among other ingredients.

It should be noted at this point that breast milk is the best food for the baby, so it is important to get adequate nutrition from the mother.

Characteristics of Novalac 1 Premium 800 g

This infant formula has multiple characteristics, so the most outstanding will be mentioned below:

  • This milk, thanks to its composition based on prebiotics, nucleotides and taurine which makes it an excellent ally to strengthen the child's immune system.
  • Repairs intestinal flora.
  • Improves digestion favorably.
  • It is a formula adapted to the nutritional needs of the baby from birth.
  • It contains a wide variety of whey proteins, which makes it very similar to breast milk.
  • Its composition makes favorable a better development of baby's brain.
  • It has an adequate content in prebiotics (GOS) and DHA (omega 3) and ARA (omega 6).
  • This formula is adapted for children with celiac disease and / or allergic or intolerant to eggs.

Recommendations and how to use Novalac 1 Premium 800 g

For the proper use of this product we recommend the following:

  • Store the container tightly closed in a cool, dry place.
  • Protect this product from light and pollution.
  • Once the bottle has been opened, close well with the plastic lid after each use.
  • Once the pot is opened, its contents can be used for a maximum of three weeks.
  • It is not recommended in children intolerant or allergic to fish.
  • It is recommended not to add sugar to the preparation.
  • Do not reuse the rest of the contents of an unfinished bottle.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before preparing the bottle.
  • Wash and sterilize the bottle and its accessories very well.
  • The baby should not be left to sleep with the bottle, to avoid premature cavities, in the case that the baby has started teething.

Instructions for use:

Boil water for five minutes and then let it cool to 40 degrees celsius, add the amount of water in the bottle with the corresponding number of measures, rasas, close the bottle and shake until the mixture homogenizes.


Skim milk, whey demineralized, vegetable oils (palm oil, Brassica napus, seed, palm, sunflower and olive oils, single-celled organisms), lactose, galacto-oligosaccharides, maltodextrin, concentrate protein-whey, potassium citrate, calcium carbonate, fish oil, magnesium chloride, sodium ascorbate, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, choline bitartrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, taurine, ferrous sulfate, calcium hydroxide, zinc sulfate, acid citidín-5’-monofosfórico, acetate DL-alpha tocopherol, retinyl palmitate, L-ascorbyl, uridine 5’-monophosphate disodium salt, nicotinamide, potassium hydroxide, acid-adenosine-5’- monofosfórico, guanosine-5-monophosphate disodium salt, D-calcium pantothenate, inosine 5-monophosphate disodium salt, cupric sulfate, emulsifier (soy lecithin), citric acid, retinyl acetate, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, manganese sulfate, folic acid, potassium iodide, phytonadione, sodium selenite, D-biotin, cholecalciferol.

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