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Nipples anticólico of the drinks of the best brands that complement the power of the lactanmte in your non-online at the best price and offer, from newborn to cereal to make it a snap from the bottle anticólico infant

How to choose the nipple more suitable

There are several factors that you must consider. In the first place, is the material that composes it, and there are silicone nipples, latex (there are people who are allergic to it) and rubber.

Wide range of Nipples

In second place is the number of holes to have. There are one, two, three and more than three, according to the wolverine that is your baby. Keep in mind, on the other hand, if you get a lot of food and swallow it too fast can take in the air of more generándole belching, gas, or even hiccups. That's why there are nipples which have valves to control the amount of liquid left out, and others that say anticólicos or antihipo, to avoid precisely these “accidents,” the consequence of the greed of your little one.

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To know that your nipple works correctly only you have to turn your filled bottle, with the nipples pointing to the floor and watch the drip, which must be regular and constant.

Finally, there is the shape of the nipple, which can be anatomical (in imitation of the nipple of the mother), drop-shaped or rounded.