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  • Nexfoot Pencil Callicida Xpress
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    Nexfoot Pencil Callicida Xpress

    Nexfoot Pencil Callicida Xpress pencil simple to use and you just need to apply to get immediate results and that provides clear the pains tripe by rubbing and friction. You will be able to carry it discreetly and you can use it at any time. Its composition makes it burn a little at the hard skin callus safely.

    9,99 € -24.9395% 7,50 €
  • Nexfoot Tired Legs Gel Frio 200 ml
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    Nexfoot Tired Legs Gel Frio 200 ml

    Nexfoot Tired Legs Cold Gel 200 ml is a clear gel that when being made up of horse chestnut, ruscus, witch hazel is perfect as a gel relieves tired legs, to be a gel you can apply it as often as necessary, providing rest immediately to the legs on which it is applied. You can put it in the refrigerator to improve the results.

    12,00 € -17.1371% 9,95 €
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