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Neutrogena is a company of USA, which is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of all kinds of cosmetics specialized care for our skin and our hair.

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Would be founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff, and is now part of the line brands of Johnson & Johnson, a company that would buy in the year 1994.

Neutrogena has a great range of specialty products for the care of the skin (body and face), as well as the hair. In addition, it also has some specific products to treat acne, to protect our skin from external agents such as sun exposure, as well as some to delay the ravages of age.

In their lines of products we can find cleaning items, moisturizers, specific products for the bathroom, for the care of the hair, to moisturize, moisturizing, as well as a special line for the care of the skin of the man.

Main product ranges Neutrogena

Neutrogena hands

The formula hand cream by Neutrogena is able to nourish, repair and protect those hands that have a box of high dryness. It is able to penetrate to the lower layers of the dermis, with the goal of getting to hydrate from the inside to the outside.

Just apply a small amount so we can protect it, relieve it, and even to repair it in the event that you submit a cracked look.

Neutrogena feet

This product line is also the most traded. It is a range of items perfect to be able to protect our feet, as well as to be able to give the care that they need.

Moisturizes in depth, these products are perfect for a massage, to be able to exfoliarlos time to time...

Neutrogena lips

To the extreme changes of temperature, are our lips that most are affected by them. It is because of this that the formula for the range of Neutrogena lip helps us to be able to protect them; its formula has been enriched by vitamins A, B, and C, avoiding that in the future to cause problems with chapped lips or dry.

Neutrogena face

Balms specific for those looking for the best way to moisturize our skin. Idea for all type of skins: from the mixed fats to atopic that require more care.


The leading brand specialized in taking care of our skin with a whole range of different products available to you.

Our skin is the most external of our body, and therefore it is more exposed to all kinds of external and internal factors, therefore the care of the same will make it necessary, therefore, that there is a line of products Neutrogena, which is directed specifically to the skin, and is that with the passing of time, our skin stops being the same, as the functions that allow you to have a healthy skin will deteriorate with time, the following articles we will be talking about the skin care line Neutrogena.

What are the main ingredients of the products of Neutrogena.


One of the main symptoms of aging is wrinkles that can be found in our face, retinol, is the necessary complement in the products Neutrogena that disappears the various wrinkles in the skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Our basic process in our body will be eroded with the passing of time, and the regenerative properties of natural skin also, therefore, the hyaluronic acid makes it the best ally of the skin, which allows the regeneration of the skin, to be able to maintain moisturized the skin and strengthen the skin dry.

Vitamin C

At times with the passing of time, our skin begins to have a series of spots, unevenness in the tone and opacity, this can be translated in the absence of this component in our skin, the formulas that have vitamin C, you will be helping in maintaining good skin pigmentation, skin smooth and luminous.

SPF - protection Factor

The external factors are actually normal, and if you are of the natural type much more, like the sun, and it is the UV rays cause wrinkles and spots, so this plugin will be protecting our skin from these rays.

Happened to step to apply the products Neutrogena

Step 1: Cleanser

Among the products that has the line Neutrogena have, the cleaners, which should be used 2 times a day, the first of them to wake up and the second before going to our bed, this application must be implemented by means of massage on your face with our fingers, this with the purpose that it can penetrate the skin and remove all the impurities and dead skin that we can have, then it should be thoroughly rinsed and dried your face.

Step 2: Treatment.

The treatment you choose should be applied after cleansing, apply it you'll have to take a small amount of product and apply mainly in lines and wrinkles, this in order that the same act in a direct way in these areas, which are the most affected of our face.

Step 3: Moisturizer.

The hydration of our face, it is important, because a hydrated skin is a sign of a healthy skin, therefore, you can apply the same on both the face in the neck, to apply these products, you must take a small portion of the same, which you'll be able to blend with upward strokes.

Step 4: sunscreen

As mentioned previously, the sun is the major external factor that affects our skin, which can cause wrinkles and spots on our skin, so sun protection is absolutely necessary in our day-to-day, the most advisable thing is that you can apply 15 minutes before sun exposure and every 2 hours during the exposure the same, this as a means of preventing the damage that may cause the sun in our body.

Habits that age our body.

We live in daily routines, and as a human being, we are accustomed to bad habits that are affecting directly our health and aesthetics of the skin of our face, between the habits most common are:


If, smoking, besides being harmful for our lungs and brain functions, this is because nicotine affects directly in the syntax of our neurons, may also directly affect our face, and that is to be exposed directly to the cigarette smoke causes:

  • Significant increase of wrinkles , and dryness of our skin.

  • The smoke of the cigarette, is a consumer of natural vitamin C that is in our face, which can cause problems of pigmentation, and tone in our face.

  • Moisture loss in our face.

  • Check out in front of the sun.

The unprotected against the sun-not only will you be causing wrinkles and stains, but also increases the chances of skin cancer in our lives, in addition, the skins that are in constant exposure to the sun have to be more dry, and of a dark color.


The sedentary lifestyle is a key factor to maintain a beautiful skin, and it's that if you move and do exercises, you'll be providing better circulation of blood throughout your body, in addition to toning your muscles and eliminate all those toxins that are harmful to our skin and body as a whole.

  • The cold winds and low temperatures Contribute to the deterioration of the skin resecándola, so it is advisable to apply a good moisturizer and wear warm clothes.

  • The liquor generated by the dilation of the blood vessels in the skin

With time, these blood vessels can become damaged permanently and your face will be red permanently.

The stress and worry

Cause the frown is a leaf, and the face is check irreversibly which can result in wrinkles prematurely.

Sleeping little

Not only does it look tired but besides the lack of sleep affects your entire body.

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