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Neutrogena Lips Spf20 4.8g


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Neutrogena Lips Spf20 4.8g an ultra moisturizing lip balm special for dry lips care and crack formation as it is perfect for its lip protection against UVA and UVB sun rays. Contains repairing beeswax.

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Neutrogena Lips Spf20 4.8g it is a colorless lipstick that can be used by any family member who has the need to protect their lips against sun damage.

It includes in its preparation a protection factor SPF20; while its components have the purpose of generating excellent results by avoiding the appearance of dryness and the generation of cracks on the lips.

Benefits of Neutrogena Lips Spf20 4.8g

This product is colorless and therefore can be used by any member of the family who is in search of lip protection against sun damage.

Its frequent use causes excellent results against the appearance of cracks in the lip area, as well as dryness of the same.

Being presented in a bar or stick format, it can be easily transferred, especially in the summer and winter season in which both the sun and the cold make this type of areas more sensitive.

This product is a great lip balm in stick format that favors protection in the lip area against the negative actions generated by UVA and UVB sun rays.

In addition, it effectively treats lips that are dry and chapped, and is made in a format called a rotating bar with a content of 4.8 gr.

Features of Neutrogena Lip Balm Spf20 4.8g

This lipstick has been made with the purpose of generating excellent sun protection for the lips, since it causes greater hydration in the area and immediate relief from the dryness of this delicate skin.

  • It exerts a great prevention against the negative effects caused by the sun.
  • This lipstick has been formulated to be applied to lips that are dry and chapped.
  • It includes a protection factor SPF 20 in order to protect the skin of the lips from deterioration caused by the sun.
  • It is dermatologically approved which certifies the effectiveness of its results.
  • Its presentation is 4.8 g of Neutrogena Lips Spf20
  • It results in a smooth area with a better appearance.
  • It must be applied continuously in order to obtain excellent results, as well as immediate relief and greater protection.

Indications of Neutrogena Labios Spf20 4.8g

Neutrogena Lips Spf20 4.8g it has been created with the purpose of being used only in the lip area to provide hydration when they are cracked, achieving greater protection in the area against the actions offered by UVA and UVB sun rays.

In addition, it is indicated to be used by all family members who have the need to improve the protection of their lips, regardless of age range, or gender since it does not include color in its preparation.

Its lack of color makes it the perfect lipstick to be used by men, in order to fight against the damage caused by the sun on a day-to-day basis.