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Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml


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Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml Norwegian Formula surely the most famous hand cream for its ability to regenerate skin especially dry and cracked areas, a great formula tested by dermatologists leaving hands smooth and hydrated from its first use.

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Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml it contains a formula created in Norway which is concentrated to generate greater comfort and immediate care with just one touch, which lasts even after washing your hands.

This tube contains 50 ml which yields approximately 200 applications, which translates into softer and more beautiful hands every day.

It not only moisturizes more intensively, but nourish, repair and protect dry and damaged hands, thanks to the fact that it generates a layer that protects it from dryness and external aggressions.

It provides a feeling of quick and lasting relief, even in the hands that have more dryness, since with only a minimal dose relieves, protects and moisturizes the hands, including those in the most difficult conditions, leaves the hands smoother and softer.

Benefits of Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml

If your hands are cracked and you want to regain your vitality Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml it is a cream that can be used on the hands in a very efficient way for skin that is dry, sensitive and irritated.

One of the most important qualities of this product, together with its perfume, is that it contains very effective compounds such as vaseline, glycerin or panthenol, which help to soothe the inflammation and heal each of the wounds on the skin.

This hand cream moisturizes more intensely while repairing and caring for dry and chapped hands, resulting in a much smoother and nourished appearance.

This cream can be used many times, to be able to protect the hands from the dryness and aggressions external, also in the most extreme climatic conditions, thus generating a faster and lasting relief for dry hands.

It is made with a formula made in Norway by a company that is a specialist and leader in hydration for the body, since it provides a wide range of products, dermatologically tested, to generate better skin care and hydration.

Features of Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml

Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml it generates great hydration, while nourishing, repairing and protecting dry and damaged hands, generating faster and lasting relief, even in the driest hands.

  • It is made with a original Norwegian formula, which is recognized worldwide.
  • With a small dose it manages to soothe, protect and moisturize the hands, even if they are dry and torn.
  • This hand cream allows an average of 200 applications.
  • Its current format is a tube containing 50ml
  • It is dermatologically tested.
  • It includes a very powerful composition with a high content of vitamin E, which revitalizes cells and prevents skin aging.

Indications of Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml

Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml immediately and durably soothes the hands, even the most parched, a hazelnut-sized dose should be used daily on the hands with a gentle massage.