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Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml + Lipstick Spf20


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Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml + Lipstick Spf20 a promotion pack with neutrogena lipstick plus a sample of deep hydration lotion, a great pack to be able to buy all neutrogena products at a discount at a great price.

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Environmental changes are often the main reasons that they generate that the hands and lips they dry out or deteriorate, so it is requested that protection be used in these highly exposed areas.

It is important to maintain a good hydration of hands and lips in order to prevent cracks from being generated in these areas of the body, since exposure to the sun without any protection can give quite harmful results in the short and long term.

For this reason it was created Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml Lip Lotion Pack generating a wonderful mixture that will result in greater hydration of hands and lip care with a sun protection factor.

Benefits of Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml Lip Lotion Pack

Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml Lip Lotion Pack it contains a concentrated hand cream that contains an original formula that helps to generate a moisturizing effect that manages to nourish and protect the hands from external aggressions.

This cream collaborates generating a faster and longer lasting relief by only using a fairly small dose, leaving the hands smoother and softer.

Additionally, it is also included in this pack a lip protector, Is a lip balm that includes a sun protection factor 20, which in addition to caring for them eliminates dryness and the generation of cracks in them.

This pack is made by Neutrogena which is a brand with a great knowledge in skin care of hands and lips, achieving greater protection against inclement weather and sun rays.

Its special formulation generates greater hydration in the area where it is applied to prevent daily aggressions, with the results that can be caused by time or friction with various materials.

Contents of Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml Lip Lotion Pack

Neutrogena Hand Cream 50 ml Lip Lotion Pack it is a pack of hand cream and lip balm, which are wonderful for improving the daily care of the skin of hands and lips, so that they are more hydrated and protected this combo includes:

Neutrogena hand cream 50ml

It is a solution that generates a more intense hydration that will nourish, repair and protect the hands, even if they are very dry.

It contains a very concentrated formula and rich in certain components that help to fortify in a more efficient way the skin barrier and recovering the silkiness of the hands, as it contains a texture easier to apply because it leaves no residue, nor is it greasy.

Neutrogena lip balm

It is a lip balm it contains a sun protection factor that is convenient to preserve hydration in the mouth area to its proper extent without neglecting the protective layer of the skin.

Additionally, this protector contains among its ingredients bisabolol, paraffin, beeswax and castor oil, which are active compounds that soothe irritation while helping to heal your wounds.

Neutrogena body lotion deep hydration 15ml

It is a lotion that generates a excellent hydration and nutrition that restores the skinl a softer and more pleasant texture.

Me encanta esta crema para manos en solo tres dias se recuperan muchísimo cuando estas están estropeadas .sin duda alguna para manos la mejo
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