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Neutrogena Foot Cream Hardness 50ml


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  • Decreases hardnesses.
  • Provides hydration.
  • Provides softness.
  • It contains urea.
  • Antioxidant action.
  • It offers comfort.

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It is a cream specially formulated to improve the skin of the feet eradicating hardnesses thanks to the deep hydration it provides, it decreases a high percentage of the hardnesses of the feet, leaving in return a softer and more comfortable skin.

It has been elaborated with the specific objective of reducing the imperfections of the feet, thanks to its wide content of urea, glycerin and vaseline mixed with vitis vinifera extract, vitamin C palmitate and vitamin E that exert maximum antioxidant power.

Benefits of Neutrogena Cream Feet Hardness 50ml

Neutrogena Foot Cream Hardness 50ml it has been created with the purpose of eliminating the hardnesses of the feet, generating a reduction in their thickness as a result of its contribution of hydration of wide effectiveness.

It collaborates with the decrease of the foot hardnesses and in the intense hydration of the feet especially in the heels, since this area usually suffers more deterioration than other areas of the foot.

It includes in its composition active ingredients such as urea, glycerin and vaseline that result in maximum and lasting hydration, while giving effective results against free radicals.

Composition of Neutrogena Cream Feet Hardness 50ml

It includes a texture that causes it to be absorbed quickly without providing any type of stains or leaving any greasy feeling. Additionally, it includes components that generate excellent benefits such as:

  • Vitis vinisfera, vitamin C and vitamin E palmitate: generates an excellent result in the prevention of deterioration caused by free radicals.
  • High urea content: it provides an effective reduction in the thickness of the hardnesses, as it provides an excellent level of hydration and softness.
  • Glycerin and vaseline: it is a mixture that provides excellent moisturizing benefits.

Indication of Neutrogena Cream Feet Hardness 50ml

According to clinical studies the frequent use of Neutrogena Foot Cream Hardness 50ml it decreases the hardness of the feet, leaving in its place an intensely hydrated area, so the feet will be appreciated very soft and hydrated.

This cream includes components that reduce the various aggressions caused by free radicals, thus managing to slow down their impact on the aging process of the skin.

Its use favors the reduction of foot hardnesses, while providing intense hydration both on the feet and heels, as a result of its texture that absorbs quickly without leaving stains or greasy sensation

How to Use Neutrogena Cream Feet Hardness 50ml

Indications for the use of Neutrogena Foot Cream Hardness 50ml it is recommended that the feet be placed in water for several minutes, and then apply the cream to the feet that should be dry.

When applying the cream on the feet, emphasis should be placed on the areas where the coarse rough skin with hardness is located, performing gentle massages on the entire foot until the cream is completely absorbed.

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