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Neostrata Eye Contour

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  • Neostrata Restore Bionica Eye contour 15 ml
    Neostrata Restore Bionica Eye contour 15 ml

    Neostrata Restore Bionica Eye contour 15 ml Daily care and prevention of skin photoaging of all skin types.Neostrata Bionic Eyes Intensive reduces wrinkles, sagging eyelids, reduces dark circles and decongests bags. Repairs the skin after the application of aggressive dermocosmetic techniques.

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  • Neostrata Eye Contour Skin Active 15 g Neostrata Eye Contour Skin Active 15 g
    Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g

    Neostrata Eye Contour Skin Active 15 g belonging to the new range of neostrata with power antiaging 3.0 enriched with caffeine to reduce bags and prevents fluid retention in bags. With power antieenvejecimiento is perfect as a complement to the facial treatment of neostrata skin cellular or matrix. With SynergG Technology 6.0, unique combination of active...

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Neostrata Eye Contour are a number of specialized products to treat conditions that are present in the contour of the eyes, because their formula is effective to remove stains, wrinkles and expression lines in that area leaving the skin smooth and firm.

Two of these products are name Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g and Neostrata eye Contour 15g, which have a soft texture, a delicious scent and does not leave residue in this area as it is easily absorbed by the skin.

Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g: it is a product that has moisturizing properties and lighteners for this delicate area as it combines the action of the peptides along with the extracts of stem cells from apple to increase the action redensifying.

Neostrata Eye Contour fills wrinkles and expression lines without any effort. This cream corrector for the eye contour also contains caffeine, which is an indispensable ingredient to reduce the eye bags caused by fluid retention.

Neostrata eye Contour 15g is a soft cream, with a neutral aroma and with a number of carefully selected ingredients such as Gluconolactone and stem cells from apples which have a refreshing, soothing and moisturizing on the skin.

When be used continuously Neostrata eye Contour allows the wrinkles, bags, or dark circles disappear, leaving the skin firmer, smoother, hydrated, luminous and descongestionada reversing the effects of premature aging of the skin.

Benefits of Neostrata Eye Contour

Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g: it is an effective product for the skin to recover the density of before and allows you to to look look more youthful, free of imperfections, and healthy.

Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g can be applied on dry skin or fat, as this will help to protect the skin against UVB/UVA, and against the free radicals, keeping this area fully hydrated, smooth, uniform.

In the horny layer Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 exfoliates to deep and softens the skin, which allows to significantly reduce the size of pores and increase luminosity of the contour of the eyes.

In the epidermis Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g acts by stimulating and promoting cell renewal, which helps the tone of the skin unites and does not look pigmented.

Its effect in the dermis is favorable motivated thanks to their unbeatable technologies and components they promote the production of collagen and glicosamiglicanos which increases the quality of elastic fibers and extends the thickness of the dermis.

This has resulted in a skin healthier, firmer, more dense, and wrinkle-free. The other advantage of this product is its cost, since Neostrata eye Contour has a positive effect, long lasting, and low cost, which makes it accessible to any person.

When a product is so complete has several advantages, and one of them is that it increases the volume of the layers of the skin which results in skin that is more strong, smooth, soft and hydrated from deep.

Neostrata eye Contour can be applied on skins fotoenvejecidas as with any type of skin because it has no side effects. Its formula is able to reduce inflammation bags present under the eyes and reduce dark circles under the eyes to eliminate them.

Neostrata Eye Contour can be used as a supplement alongside other treatments for the skin, has a soft texture, not oily, and the best thing is that it does not leave residues, which guarantees a positive effect without leave traces on the skin.

Neostrata eye Contour 15g is an exclusive product with a cost that is accessible to anyone who want to invest in your health and improve your appearance, does not represent any risk and can be applied on skins, dry, fat, or mixed, thus improving its texture.

Neostrata eye Contour 15g to be a product super-hydrating, allows the skin to look more smooth, soft, smooth, and dazzling free of crow's feet, eyelids sagging, dark circles, bags and wrinkles.

Can be used after you have exposed the face to a technical dermocosmetic aggressive such as a laser or peel, giving the skin smoothness, reducing redness and irritation and leaving a feeling of relief on the dermis.

Features Neostrata Eye Contour

Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g contains:

  • Neoglucosamina: is a component that allows you to remove pigmentation and superficial cells in the skin through gentle exfoliation. Helps the skin color is uniform, and it allows easy remove the fat or the makeup that is present in the skin.

  • Peptides Redensificantes: this component creates an effect on the functioning of the cells of the skin, which helps both the dermis as the epidermis remains protected against any external agent.

  • Extract stem cells from green apple: these cells protect the body's cells, preventing UV rays from causing damage on the skin and this age prematurely, preventing their deterioration.

  • The stem cells of green apple to have the ability to form new tissues in the skin and renew it, which makes it possible to delay the aging of skin.

  • Antioxidants Caffeine: this component is the ally of all women to say goodbye to the bags and dark circles around the eyes, since it is a natural stimulant that activates the blood circulation and helps to reduce inflammation this delicate area.

  • To top it off, the caffeine present in Neostrata eye Contour is a powerful antioxidant that protects this sensitive area from sun damage and the aging of the skin.

Neostrata eye Contour 15g contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid: this component helps to keep the skin hydrated and firm with volume, avoiding the acentuamiento of wrinkles and expression lines.

  • Vitamin A: this vitamin provides firmness to the skin because it activates the retinol present in the skin and regulates the queratogénesis which is necessary to keep the skin always young, soft and wet.

  • It is an effective antioxidant that protect the body against skin aging by preventing the free radicals to harm the skin cells.

  • Neostrata eye Contour helps heal and keeps it supple skin.

  • Vitamin E: is an antioxidant, protects cells and helps to clear small scars of the skin, as it removes pimples or imperfections of the face.

  • Gluconolactone: its function is to moisturize the skin and keep it free of skin aging. It can be applied in people who suffer from acne, atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin, as those are under topical treatments that dry out the skin.

Indications of Neostrata Eye Contour

Neostrata Skin Active Eye Contour 15 g should be applied on the eye contour and massage and giving a gentle massage with the fingertips. Apply Neostrata eye Contour one or two times a day.

This product is recommended for women from 35 years of age and can be applied in all type of skins. Keep this product out of the reach of children and in a dry, cool environment.

Neostrata eye Contour 15g should be applied twice a day on the contour of the eyes and massage gently. For external use only, in case of contact with mucous membranes, wash with plenty of water.

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