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Neositrin Anti-lice Shampoo 100 ml


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  • Anti-lice effect.
  • Leaves the hair cleaner.
  • Increases the shine of the hair.
  • It contains a pleasant smell.
  • It includes Quassia Amara.
  • Presentation of 100 ml.

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What is Neositrin Anti-lice Shampoo 100 ml?

Neositrin Anti-lice Shampoo 100 ml it is a shampoo specially formulated to fight against the lice problems that usually recurs in children at the school stage, so its composition favors its prevention and copes with new aggressions.

This shampoo has been designed with the purpose of eliminating the anti-lice treatment and restoring the hair its natural luminosity, so it includes a formula that has been made based on Quassia Amara that generates natural repellent actions.

It has a wonderful Price since it is a product that protects the hair from new aggressions, at the same time it contains a delicious smell and is hypoallergenic, it is advisable to apply the shampoo to the hair after the anti-lice treatment and without rinsing.

¿By What To Buy Neositrin Anti-lice Shampoo 100 ml in Pharmacy Market?

This champú has been developed by the Neositrín brand in order to collaborate with the elimination of lice treatment in a faster and easier way, since it generates a more intense hygiene in the hair, discarding the remains of anti-lice treatment.

Its components have been selected in order to provide a natural shine and a pleasant smell after use, while its Quassia amara content generates a natural repellent action that eliminates lice and nits that are in the hair.

It is recommended Buy in order to avoid the appearance of a new pest, although it does not include insecticides in its formulation, so its formulation is quite safe, it provides superior tolerability  and it is dermatologically tested

Its formulation has been designed to be used in children from 12 months of age and in adults, since it contains quassia amara extract which is a natural insect repellent and blocks the creation of chitin that is part of the exoskeleton of insects.

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In our parapharmacy  you can get in Offer this anti-lice shampoo that favors the simple elimination of the treatment for the elimination of lice, leaving as a result a clean, more luminous hair with a pleasant smell.

After its application you will be able to notice how it complements the results of the treatment since it includes in its composition a natural repellent for lice that prevents them from approaching and multiplying in the hair of children and adults.

Benefit of Neositrin Anti-lice shampoo 100 ml

Neositrin Anti-lice shampoo 100 mlit is a shampoo formulated to generate an excellent result in the fight against lice, complementing any treatment, since it collaborates with the elimination of formulations containing dimethicone.

With its use, the hair is left shiny and with a pleasant aroma, since it is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested.

Composition of Neositrin Anti-lice shampoo 100 ml

Dimethicone, quassia amara extract, cyclomethicone 5.

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