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Neoretin Pack Gel Cream 40 ml + Serum Booster 30 ml


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  • Neoretin Gel Cream spf50 40ml
  • Neoretin serum Booster 30ml
  • Complete Depigmenting Routine.
  • Effective treatment of Skin spots.
  • Mitigates and combats existing stains.
  • Prevents the appearance of spots.

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Neoretin Discrom Savings Pack, is an offer that can be found in cosmetic stores, pharmacies and online stores, in a single package and with a super discount you can buy the depigmentation Gelcream SPF 50 and Serum Booster, all in the same container and in their original sizes, comes in a beautiful decorative box. Both products are used to prevent skin blemishes and diminish those that already exist. They are dermatologically approved products that can be used on any skin type. This is a special promotion for women who want to remove their spots or prevent their appearance, these products are recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists.

What is Neoretin Discrom Savings Pack?

These products come in a beautiful packaging that contains two products specially made for the comprehensive care of skin with spots. One of the products is Neoretin Gelcream SPF 50, which is a depigmenting emulsion very easy to apply, since it is extensible and provides an almost invisible finish, also has sun protection that prevents hyperpigmentation, helping with the removal of stains. The other product is Neoretin Serum Booster, which is a concentrated fluid of very fast absorption, anti-stain and anti-aging. Both products contain active ingredients that perform functions in each of the stages of melanin synthesis, which helps to reduce skin pigmentation.
What Neoretin Gelcream contains

  1. 1% RetinSphereTechnology: it is the association of Hydroxypinacolonaretinoate plus retinol glycospheres that is used as a cosmetic of a high tolerance. Glycospheres move retinol in order to increase its stability and make it better penetration. It has moisturizing, anti-photoaging, exfoliating and renewing properties that act on the stain, decreasing its dark color and improving the dark background of the skin in order to give it more shine.
  2. 4% WhiteningBoosterSystem: it is an active system that is found in each of the phases of the melanin production cycle. Reduces the stimulation and response of melanin production, which will prevent the appearance of spots or darkening existing ones.
  3. 8% Moisturizing system, which gives the skin more hydration to look fresher, cleaner and radiant.
  4. 1% Anti-Irritant Active Ingredients: it has extract of portulacaphysavie this acts to allow the tolerance of the product to avoid possible irritations.

Active ingredients of Neoretin Gel cream

  • N-acetylglucosamine: neutralizes the glycosylation of tyrosinase so that it does not activate and does not act on the formation of melanin.
  • Kojic acid, Cromabright and Natriquest: this group of active ingredients work by removing the copper and iron ions that tyrosinase needs to activate.
  • Albatin & Alistin: they join in order to prevent the formation of melanin.
  • Niacinamide or vitamin PP or B3, its function is to prevent the melanosomes that are located in the melanocyte and are possessed by melanin from passing to the keratinocytes.

Active ingredients Neoretin Serum Booster

  1. RetinSphere Technology: 1% Hydroxypinacolonaretionoate plus 1% Retinol glycospheres.
  2. Whitening Booster System: 4.8% free kojic Acid system plus nanocapsules, system: 2% N-acetylglucosamine plus 4% Niacinamide, 0.5% Natriquest and 1% Albatin plus 0.5% Alistin.
  3. In & out moisturizing system: 2% Acetylhexapeptide, 5% Hydracare and 3% Hydromanil.
  4. Anti-irritant: contains 3% of Portulaca extract.
  5. Exfoliating: 0.15% salicylic acid.

Benefits of NeoretinDiscrom Savings Pack

  • The systems that make up these products together with the RetinSphere technology that perform an exfoliating and renewing activity, make the skin smoother, brighter and uniform, reducing stains.
  • Both products have been developed for the comprehensive and intensive care of those skins with spots, using together the gelcrema and serum, and constantly control notably the skin pigmentation, in order to reduce the spots and prevent their appearance.
  • They act as a skin renovator and depigmenting, can be used as a sole product or as a complement to depigmenting treatments.
  • They can be applied day or night always under medical indications.
  • Both products help prevent hyperpigmentation due to age, solar radiation and different hormonal changes.
  • They are also very effective in preventing chloasma that is very common in pregnant women, which usually disappear after giving birth and can also be used when breastfeeding.
  • It is recommended for dull skin, as it provides luminosity and a uniform tone.
  • It helps with the uniformity of the skin tone, giving it greater luminosity while removing the blemishes of the skin.

Recommendations of NeoretinDiscrom Savings Pack

  • For a greater depigmenting action it is recommended to combine the Serum and Neoretin Gelcream.
  • When both products are being used, apply in the morning, first the Serum and then the Gelcream, in order to reinforce the action of its depigmenting, exfoliating and renewing active ingredients.
  • In the day, use the Gelcream el SPF 50 that cares for the skin before the sun's rays, which are those that activate the production of melanin and cause the spots to appear.
  • In the evening it is recommended to use the Serum on the face and neck before applying any other cosmetic treatment.
  • When performing depigmenting treatments, it is of utmost importance to use a very good quality sunscreen during the day.
  • Contact with eyes and other mucous membranes should be avoided.
  • These products are specifically recommended for all those skins that need exfoliation and renewal.
  • It is recommended to keep them out of the reach of children.
  • Its use should only be external.
  • Both products are easily absorbed due to their all-natural components. 

How to use Neoretin Discrom Pack Savings

1. For application, the skin must be clean and dry.
2. It should be placed on the skin of the face and neck with a gentle circular massage until completely absorbed.

Me encanta esta crema con spf para hidratar diariamente y el serum para noche. Me cuido de las manchitas y no m dan grasa. Calidad precio????�
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La piel queda jugosa y tiene spf 50, en conjunto con el serum es una maravilla para unificar tono y acabar con las manchas
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El producto ya lo conocía y evidentemente si he repetido es porque me fue bien. Buen despigmentante, eso sí, se ha de ser constante!!
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Opinión basada sobre compra
Muy bueno
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Compras rápidamente y al día siguiente el pedido en casa, es fantástico.
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Buena relación calidad precio, buena textura.
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Buenisimo producto
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Buena compra!
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muy bien el envio y el precio. lo aconsejo como despigmentante
resultados optimos
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