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Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml


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Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml There are skins that have a tendency to pigmentate, to have the appearance of spots on a regular basis which can be caused by multiple sources such as intense sun exposure, the intake of photosensitive medicines or the passage of time.

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In the same way the spots generate that the face is perceived with uneven tone and sometimes off, to avoid and counteract these problems there is Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml.

This emulsion is specially developed to reduce the spots that have more intensity, since it favors the renewal of the skin minimizing to the maximum the hyperpigmentation.

Benefits of Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml

Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml it's a treatment depigmenting intensive recommended especially to be used on skins that suffer from persistent spots, generating the reduction of pigmentation and the reduction of recurrences.

It favors the prevention of the appearance of new hyperpigmentation that are generated by environmental pollutants and can be used on any type of skin whether oily, mixed and dry.

This product serves as a complement to the routine that is carried out on a regular basis to avoid stains, since it increases the depigmenting action and reduces stains that are resistant to other treatments.

In the same way, it can be used in the night care of depigmenting medical protocols, since it generates an exfoliating effect that manages to renew the skin resulting in an improvement in its texture to visualize more uniform, soft and smooth.

It is also recommended to be used on skin with postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, for very strong treatments aimed at photoaged skin due to excessive exposure to the sun or age.

Active Ingredients of Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml

Whitening Booster System: it arises from a triple mixture of assets that work with the different phases of melanin production, managing to prevent its formation.

RetinSphere technology: it is born from the combination of two retinoids for cosmetic use, to certify maximum tolerance and penetration, while retinizing and renewing the skin to generate a strong effect in the control of pigmentation, decreasing the color of the stain.

Tranexamic acid: works on melanogenesis counteracting other attempts that lead to the production of melanin, develops the activity of retinol generating depigmentation.

Edafence: made with patented antipollution technology with scientifically proven action specifically against the main environmental pollutants.

Indications of Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml

This emulsion has a high content of retinol, so its use should be done under medical supervision or under the recommendation of a specialist in cosmetic dermatology.

The way of application will vary depending on the type of skin and the tolerance you have to the product, to prevent potential irritations it is recommended to consult an expert before applying Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml.

Initially it should be applied progressively according to skin tolerance, so it is recommended:

  • Start by making an application every 3 nights, depending on the tolerance can be used the necessary time.
  • After about two weeks you can start using 1 time every 2 nights.
  • At the time when the tolerance is appropriate, that is, there is no discomfort or itching, it can be applied every night on the area that needs it.
  • This emulsion should only be applied at night.

Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml Reviews

Like all neoretin products, all those who buy it end up being loyal customers with the best product reviews. A great product to buy at the best price. Remember to buy Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion 30 ml is to save on health and money.

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Estupendo este producto
Opinión basada sobre compra
Genial como despigmentante. Si es verdad que además estoy en tratamiento con laser pero me va genial. Lo recomiendo
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Gran oferta.