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Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml


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  • Protects the mucosa.
  • Next.
  • Action lenitiva.
  • Counteracts pain.
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • Presentation of 40 ml.

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What is Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml?

Neofitoroid Bio pump 40 ml it is a product enriched with plant molecular complexes that lead to a lenitive action, resulting in greater protection to the anorectal mucosa.

It generates excellent results by counteracting various discomforts such as pain, itching, itching, irritation and inflammation that are present in cases of hemorrhoids.

Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml

What benefits does the intake of Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml originate?

This biopomada has been developed in order to reduce hemorrhoidal discomfort, as a therapeutic treatment to treat internal and external hemorrhoids and their associated symptoms such as pain, itching, anal and perianal pruritus or fissures.

It contains in its Formula Helydol, which is an extract composed of the purified lipophilic fraction of a specific selection of helichrysum. In addition, it has the organic certificate of Organic Farming.

It does not contain corticosteroids, anesthetics, sulfates, petroleum derivatives, parabens, PEG, dyes, or synthetic perfumes.

It generates excellent results thanks to its content of Helydol, which is a lyophilized extract of helichrysum and has been enriched with Aloe Vera, Butcher's Broom, vegetable and essential oils.

What actions generates Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml?

Its mix of components generate three main actions, such as:

  • Mucoadhesive: creates a film that provides effective protection to the area.
  • Lubricant: reduces friction.
  • Antioxidant: protects the mucosa from deterioration generated by free radicals.

What are the characteristics of Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml?

It is a biopomada developed to generate a moisturizing effect that allows to benefit the mucosa, while reducing pain and generates a feeling of freshness in the anal area.

  • Improves hemorrhoidal disorders.
  • It's a biological product.
  • Made from plant molecular complexes.
  • Includes in its composition Helydol and tea tree essential oil.
  • reduces pain, itching and itching while taking care of the mucosa.
  • Includes an applicator for the endorectal area.
  • It has a presentation of 40ml per container.

Who can use Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml?

It generates excellent results for the treatment of both internal and external hemorrhoids, as well as their associated symptoms, and can be used when there are anal fissures, so it can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

It can also be useful for prevention and in all situations that can induce irritation and / or congestion of the anal and perianal area such as constipation, diarrhea, improper eating and lifestyles.

It reduces inflammation and pain in cases of hemorrhoids, while protecting the anorectal mucosa as it generates refreshing properties which causes quick relief of discomfort.

How should Neofitoroid Biopomada 40 ml be used?

Neofitoroid Bio pump 40 ml it should be extended by the area performing a light and delicate massage in the perianal area, if it is to be used internally it is necessary to use the cannula that includes.

The application can be repeated several times a day, and for prolonged periods in order to generate better results.

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