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NeoBianacid Heartburn Reflux 14 Tablets


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  • It contains plant and mineral molecular complexes.
  • Provides a protective effect.
  • Protects the gastroesophageal mucosa.
  • Reduces digestive discomfort.
  • Presentation of 14 tablets.
  • It provides antioxidant properties.

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It is a product based on plant and mineral molecular complexes, which exerts a protective action and, therefore, lenitive of the gastroesophageal mucosa useful to quickly counteract the burning, the pain and the feeling of heartburn, that is, the typical symptoms of irritation and inflammation of this very mucosa.

It is indicated for the treatment of acidity-related disorders, such as burningpaingastroesophageal reflux and gastritis.

In addition, it is indicated for the treatment of symptoms associated with dyspepsia (digestive difficulties), such as burning, heaviness and meteorism.

  • It can be useful as a prevention in situations that can cause mucosal irritations (administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory /analgesic drugs, periods of psychophysical stress, seasonal changes, improper diet and lifestyles).

The product is suitable for use during the pregnancy, the lactation and for children over 6 years old.

  • It is a product with ingredients from organic farming, gluten-free and with a pleasant taste.
  • It forms on the mucosa a film with a barrier effect, which protects it from contact with gastric juices and irritating substances.
  • Contain Polyprotect, a molecular complex fruit of Aboca's research with mucoadhesive properties.

Polyprotect it acts thanks to the synergy between its polysaccharide component (molecular weight >20 000 dalton) and its mineral component (Limestone and Nahcolite).

They complete the action of Polyprotect the antioxidant properties of its flavonoid component, which counteracts the irritation caused by free radicals.

NeoBianacid, thanks to its mechanism of action, it can be used in association with proton pump inhibitors and H antagonists2 and also in the periods of discontinuation of treatment, following the doctor's instructions.

Why buy NeoBianacid Heartburn Reflux 14 Tablets in Pharmacy Market?

It is a product that has been formulated using plant and mineral molecular complexes, in order to generate a protective and lenitive activity of the gastroesophageal mucosa.

With the intake of these tablets they quickly and effectively counteract digestive discomfort, since it has a synergistic effect of its components, among which are polysaccharides and its mineral component is Limestone and Nahcolite.

Its composition has been aimed at the protection of physiological mucus, while providing beneficial antioxidant and mucoadhesive properties.

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These tablets have been formulated to combat acidity and reflux thanks to their content of plant and mineral molecular complexes that cause a protective and lenitive effect of the gastroesophageal mucosa.

After its intake, an effective decrease in the burning sensation, pain and acidity is generated, which are the usual symptoms of stomach irritation, so it can be used as:

  • Treatment associated with acidity, in order to reduce pain, burning, gastroesophageal reflux and gastritis.
  • Symptoms related to dyspepsia, that is, digestive problems such as heaviness, burning and meteorism.
  • Prevention of irritation of the mucosa due to the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs, during stages of psychophysical stress, hectic lifestyle or improper diet.

What are the characteristics of NeoBianacid Heartburn Reflux 14 Tablets?

They are tablets made from plant and mineral molecular complexes, in order to exert their protective and lenitive action on the gastroesophageal mucosa, while having its polyprotect formula that is the result of a beneficial molecular complex.

  • It provides beneficial mucoadhesive properties, since it favors the protective action of physiological mucus.
  • Its tablets dissolve easily in the mouth.
  • Softens the gastroesophageal mucosa.
  • Quickly neutralizes burning, pain and heartburn.
  • Decreases the appearance of typical symptoms of irritation and inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
  • It is a sanitary product made by Aboca.
  • It has a pleasant taste.
  • All-natural and biological components.
  • It includes plant and mineral molecular complexes.
  • It does not include gluten.

Who is NeoBianacid Heartburn Reflux 14 Tablets intended for?

NeoBianacid Heartburn Reflux 14 Tablets it is developed to be used as a treatment for disorders associated with digestive discomfort, while reducing the symptoms related to dyspepsia such as gas and heaviness.

It can be consumed during pregnancy, lactation and by children over 6 years of age, while it can be ingested in conjunction with other medications.

How to take NeoBianacid Heartburn Reflux 14 Tablets?

It is suggested the intake of 1 tablet after one of the main meals and another at night before bedtime, it can be taken for an extended period as symptoms manifest.

Composition of NeoBianacid Heartburn Reflux 14 Tablets

Gum Arabic / Acacia Gum, Cane Sugar, Gum Arabic, Natural mint aroma, Synergistic Polysaccharide Molecular Complex, Limestone, Nahcolite, Rich in Polysaccharides, Flavonoic Fraction, Polyprotect.

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