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Neobianacid 45 Tablets


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Neobianacid 45 tablets it is a chewable tablet designed to combat and avoid heartburn, reflux and heaviness, which are usually suffered by men and women at the time of food intake.

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Have polyprotect among its supplements, which has mucoadhesive properties, ideal to protect the walls of the stomach since it reproduces the physiological natural mucosa thanks to the fact that it is a large molecular complex, so it generates a protective film it works as a barrier, helping to combat, prevent and protect the stomach from all substances that may be acidic or irritating, especially gastric juice.

In addition, this product helps to prevent the consequences of heartburn and constant stomach reflux, such as ulcers, gastritis or stomach colitis.

Why buy Neobianacid 45 Tablets in Pharmacy Market?

Neobianacid 45 tablets is composed of polyprotect, sugar from cane, synergistic molecular complex of polysaccharides and natural minerals (such as nahcolite and limestone), flavonic fraction, gum arabic and aroma of natural mint extract.

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Neobianacid 45 tablets is indicated to counteract stomach disorders such as reflux, the acidity and heaviness of the stomach.

It can be used by women and men from the age of 12 and up to help prevent and combat the symptoms of stomach conditions.

How to use Neobianacid 45 tablets

Ingest Neobianacid 45 tablets at the time of discomfort and heartburn, letting the tablet dissolve in the mouth.

It is recommended that in cases of using Neobianacid 45 tablets to counteract reflux, its intake is one tablet before and then another after each meal, and one can even be taken before bedtime.

It is also ideal for heaviness and heartburn, so one tablet of Neobianacid 45 tablets should be taken after each meal.