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NaturGreen it is aimed at making products of ecological origin for all those people who like to take care of themselves, while seeking to take care and protect the environment, while devoting time to themselves and who seek to reach their best version.

This company seeks to elaborate each of its products so that they can be usedduring thefood of each day, so that each one has its origin in a selection of vegetable ingredientsto providea large amountnutritional and health benefits.

Each of its products has been designed using quality raw materials and totally vegetable ingredients and that have their origin in organic farming, to provide the best choice for each person.

Why buy Naturgreen products?

It is a company that has more than 25 years in the care of people's food, while collaborating with the conservation of the planet developing products with the use of a meticulous selection of components that have a superior quality.

Each of its products has a composition specially designed to meet the requirements of vegetarians and vegans, since they have been manufactured without including ingredients of animal origin.

This company firmly believes in organic food and that it generates an improvement in health, providing an aid in sustainable, ecological and green food, taking it as a foundation for the construction of our lives.

Each formulation has been designed with the Feel Bio philosophy, which is an lotion that goes beyond the intake of organic foods, it is taken as a way of life that collaborates in improving the daily diet, as well as your environment.

What are the benefits of Naturgreen

Each of the products Naturgreen they have been formulated to help those people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, since they have a wide range of foods that do not contain gluten, sugar, added sugar, lactose and contains little salt.

For the elaboration of each product, the most stringent manufacturing standards are used, while they have a traceability and control scheme, without using pesticides, GMOs, or chemical fertilizers in the plants they sow.

How Naturgreen products take care of the planet

The foods made by NaturGreen have control and certifications according to European regulations, about the products that originate from organic agriculture, since todala bio line is more healthy and natural, being easy to ingest and collaborates with the care of the planet.

The packaging used by each of the products of this brand are fully recyclable and are free of bisphenol and phthalates, while following European regulations on the deprivation and exodus of products that can deteriorate the body.

For the elaboration of each product, the use of animal ingredients is avoided, so it can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans, resulting in an aid in food using vegetable products that collaborate with the conservation of the environment.

The realization of a vegetarian or vegan diet collaborates with the planet, since the elaboration of foods of vegetable origin causes a lower amount of CO2 to be produced, collaborating with the decrease of environmental impact.

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