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Naturesun Aoms Diffuser Lumia Grey


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  • It brings the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • Use essential oils.
  • It diffuses its aroma for the time of your choice.
  • It has an original design.
  • It generates different variations of light.
  • It easily fits into your home decoration.

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What is Naturesun Aoms Diffuser Lumia Gris?

Naturesun Aoms Diffuser Lumia Grey it is a diffuser that has a beautiful design, providing the diffusion of the essential oils of your liking and managing to provide all the advantages of aromatherapy.

To generate its excellent results, it originates an ultrasonic diffusion, so it retains all the benefits of the aromatic molecules, allowing you to delight in the aroma of the essential oil of your predilection.

This diffuser generates the dispersion in the house of the fragrance you have selected, creating a fairly soft and colorful environment as a result of its LED lighting that has 7 colors, while it has been made with an original and beautiful design.

What are the benefits of Naturesun Aroms Diffuser Lumia Grey?

It is a diffuser that generates a microdiffusion generated by ultrasound that maintains the assets found in the essential oil, preserving them in suspension in the environment to originate an instant of olfactory well-being and relaxation.

Its design has been made to provide various color changes, while looking for it to adapt easily in the decoration of your home and give it a beautiful decorative touch.

This device can be programmed to emit the essential oils you have chosen for a selected period, which can be 1 hour or 2 hours according to the person's taste, since it is quite simple to use, being able to generate an environment that suits your requirements.

It can be placed in any area of the house in order to generate each of the benefits of aromatherapy, so it has been provided with an elegant shape that provides superior care, as it prevents falls.

                What are the features of Naturesun Aroma Diffuser Lumia Grey?

This beautiful diffuser includes LED lighting of 7 different colors that when turned on creates a fairly soft and colorful atmosphere, while emanating its aroma as a result of imperceptible vibrations.

It exudes cold essential oils poured into the water to diffuse and preserve them suspended in the air.

It preserves the aromatic molecules without them deteriorating due to heating.

It provides a feeling of well-being according to the aromas that have been chosen to diffuse.

With its use, a zen and cozy atmosphere is generated.

It has a multicolored LED lighting.

It works as a humidifier and ionizer.

It provides the relaxing and stimulating benefits of essential oils.

You can keep a fixed ambient light or change it to suit the mood.

Includes 350ml capacity.

Who is Naturesun Aoms Lumia Grey Diffuser intended for?

Naturesun Aoms Diffuser Lumia Grey it can be used in order to create an improvement in the aroma of any environment, causing excellent results in those people with high levels of stress, as well as those who remain anxious and with headaches.

Composition of Naturesun Aoms Diffuser Lumia Grey

Gray wood


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