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Nasofaes is a line of products of the latest generation that produces products which include in their composition solutions marine that have been mixed with other molecules, with the aim to generate greater care nasal.

Solutions, marine employs Nasofaes are known as OptiIonic and IdealIonic, which have been extracted from the sea by a process of extraction novel that modifies the marine water biotechnologically.

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  • Nasofaes Fluid Child 100ml
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    Nasofaes Fluid Child 100ml

    Made with sea water is totally naturalOriginates an excellent action mucolíticIncludes the highest marine biotechnology.Contains a valve, One-Way, which certifies that it does not contaminate the contents of the productIn their formulation does not include preservativesCan be used in children from 6 months up to 12 yearsYour...

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  • Nasofaes Triple Action 30ml
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    Nasofaes Triple Action 30ml

    Assists in the regeneration of the mucosa impaired by the dryness Creates a barrier that protects the area against external aggressions Improves the feeling of itching or discomfort due to dryness Your presentation is done in a container of 30 ml In its formulation includes hyaluronic acid Can be applied in adults and children from months of age

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  • Nasophaes Sinusol+ 15ml
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    Nasophaes Sinusol+ 15ml

    Nasofaes Sinusol+ 15ml, a new generation of solutions for nasal irrigation in the symptomatic treatment of rhinosinusitis, rhinitis and nasal congestion.

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  • Nasofaes Fluid Adults 125ml
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    Nasofaes Fluid Adults 125ml

    Includes sea water completely natural, enriched with an agent mucolyticNot irritating, because it decreases the itching and inflammation of the noseTo apply it generates an effect decongestant immediatelyThe sea water which includes in its formulation is all-naturalIts use is recommended for adults and children over 12 years

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Originating as a consequence a solution to the marina, which contains a large amount of trace elements that promote the nasal mucosa, generating a pre-filtering the natural way.

The solutions marine that uses this brand are obtained from a parea privileged of the north coast of Britain to a great depth, with the aim of ensuring a superior quality by be extracted from a natural reservoir that is 22 meters of depth.

In this area originates a continuous renewal of sea water, at the same time that it provides an excellent oxygenation improving the results provided by these products.

What are the benefits of providing the products Nasofaes?

Large number of spaniards believed that their labor productivity is diminished by the emergence of phases in which appears the thick mucus, as a result of the common manifestation of colds.

Among the population that suffers from nasal congestion, there is a percentage that supports face various hassles that are related with the thick mucus, nasal obstruction and headache or headache, among others.

With the purpose of generating the decrease of these disturbances has been created Nasofaes, which is an original line that favors the care nasal thanks to that employs marine biotechnology and has been developed to treat specific requirements.

Included in its composition various complex sailors who have been treated technologically originating as a consequence solutions marine that include a large amount of trace elements and molecules that provide many positive results led to the nasal mucosa.

The formulation of these products originates excellent benefits in the reduction of the thick mucus, so that it can be used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, congestion, sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis, and infection.

Includes in its composition a complex hypertonic that contains the solution to navy mixed with various components which generates a decrease of the viscosity of the mucus and makes it easier removal.

Among the products made by this prestigious brand is the variety specifically indicated to be used in children, since it includes a sprayer quite soft, which conform to the requirements of the smallest of the house.

Additionally, these products can complement and be used prior to other treatments with the aim of generating better results.

It has been formulated without including in its composition preservatives, with a package designed specifically to better use, since it includes a special valve known as one-way, which favors its use in any position.

At the same time, which certifies that no contamination of the contents during use, regardless of the place the moment where it is used, particularly if used in young children.

What are the advantages of causing the sea water contained in the products Nasofaes?

Nasofaes includes in its formulation sea water with the purpose of promoting the restoration of the health of the nasal mucosa, including a salt concentration appropriate, mixed with trace elements that generate a balanced balance.

In addition, it includes a device that contains a nasal spray which features an ergonomic design that makes easier the application of the saline solution and favors the performance of therapeutic in association with the irrigations or jets nose.

Cleaning nasal prepared using sea water is recognized as a non-pharmacological treatment, which leads to excellent benefits while promoting hygiene, managing to reduce the symptoms.

In some opportunities may decrease the requirement of the use of any medication which include antimicrobial agents or other drugs, you can also decrease the time of duration of the disease.

It is believed that the beneficial results which originates from the sea water in the normal function of the nasal mucosa can be as a result of the exclusive content of trace elements, as well as the alkalinity of the sea water.

The solutions of sea water include naturally sodium and chlorine, but also include bicarbonate and trace elements such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, leading to positive outcomes in diverse cellular processes in the nasal mucosa.

In addition, the magnesium ion collaborates with the decrease of the localized inflammation through the reduction of the segregation of cytokines and degranulation of leukocytes, while decreased cell apoptosis in the respiratory mucosa.

The content of calcium ion in the cell cytoplasm originates as a result of the timing and balance of the frequency of paddling ciliary, while the potassium improvement in various processes of cell regeneration via EGF/EGFR.

Whereas, the ion bicarbonate reduces efficiently the viscosity of cervical mucus, causing as a consequence, easier removal.

How to who is the target audience of the products Nasofaes?

The use of the products Nasofaes is recommended for all those people who have a tendency to suffer from dryness in the mucous membranes of the nose, regardless of the casusas either for the summer with high temperatures, the use of air conditioning, pollution, among others.

In addition, it may be used by those people who have different types of nasal problems, such as the feeling of tightness in the nose or the appearance of scabs.

To prevent these symptoms is to avoid that, as a result we have to breathe through your mouth, making to decrease the occurrence of sore throat, pharyngitis or bronchitis.

Nasofaes collaborates with the conservation of moisture in the upper airways managing to prevent that appears, no matter if you are in a dry environment and pollution, thanks to its effective content solutions marine.

These products include a formulation that contains a solution marina isotonic, which originates as a result of the efficient repair, humidifying, healing, protection, input of smoothness and hydration of the mucosa impaired.

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