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  • Nasalmer Spare Parts 12 Units
    Nasalmer Spare Parts 12 Units

    Nasalmer spare Parts 12 Units with nozzle soft are perfect for clearing the nose of babies from newborn, prevent infections futures and breathing problems. Always clean it is fundamental to the health of the babies. Helps eliminate the mucus from babies and children.

    6,00 € -34.2742% 3,94 €
  • Nasalmer Hipertonico Adult 125 ml
    Out of stock
    Nasalmer Hipertonico Adult 125 ml

    Nasalmer Hypertonic Adult 125 ml nasal spray decongestant for adults over 12 years with a salinity appropriate that clears the nose and prevents nasal congestion in the future. Relieves congestion and eliminates allergens for drag with proven effectiveness.

    8,00 € -28.1392% 5,75 €
  • Nasalmer Nasal Aspirator
    Out of stock
    Nasalmer Nasal Aspirator

    Nasalmer Nasal Aspirator a nasal aspirator plus three spare parts to ensure the proper cleanliness of the nose of the babies. Helps to eliminate the nasal secretions of your baby. with Nozzle soft and ergonomic that is perfect for daily use without being aggressive.

    8,00 € -38.1241% 4,95 €
  • Nasalmer Hipertonico Junior 125 ml
    Out of stock
    Nasalmer Hipertonico Junior 125 ml

    Nasalmer Hypertonic Junior 125 ml ideal for 2 to 12 years as a nasal decongestant natural thanks to the tonicity of the sea water that it contains. Removes infectious agents and relieves nasal congestion with proven efficacy..

    8,00 € -31.1649% 5,51 €
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