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Nasal Aspirator

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  • Narhinel Confort Spare parts 20 units
    Narhinel Confort Spare parts 20 units

    Narhinel Comfort spare parts 15+5 a pack of the narhinel vacuum cleaner leader in sales of the market, are the spare parts in soft material of the narhinel vacuum cleaner that contain a special filter to prevent the suction of baby snot. SACAMOCOS Market Leader.

    9,95 € -33.9446% 6,57 €
  • Narhinel Spare Parts Vacuum Cleaner 10 units
    Narhinel Spare Parts Vacuum Cleaner 10 units

    Includes 8 disposable refills. Made with flexible material. Contains absorbent filter. Creates an effective and safe adjustment. Fits baby's delicate nose. Stops mucus.

    5,95 € -36.1789% 3,80 €
  • Nasubel Nasal Aspirator for babies
    Nasubel Nasal Aspirator for babies

    Nasubel Nasal Aspirator for babies very similar to narhinel nasal aspirator. leader of sales. same diameter that the narhinel and with the same efficiency just that making Spanish.

    7,95 € -18.2648% 6,50 €
  • Ysana Spare Parts Apsirador Nasal
    Ysana Spare Parts Apsirador Nasal

    Ysana Spare Parts Apsirador Nasal

    8,00 € -9.9849% 7,20 €
  • Ysana Nasal Aspirator
    Ysana Nasal Aspirator

    Ysana Nasal Aspirator free nose breathing is a vacuum cleaner pediatric hygienic and safe compound by 1 vacuum cleaner plus 4 spare parts. Valid from newborn to babies, Indicated in processes flu or colds to breathe the baby from newborn phenomenal. Combine it with a marine water drink is perfect as the combined treatment of drag and aspiration. From 0...

    8,00 € -9.9849% 7,20 €
  • Narhinel Nasal Aspirator
    Out of stock
    Narhinel Nasal Aspirator

    It is simple to use. Discard nasal secretions. Safe and hygienic result. Includes spare parts with absorbent filter. Prevents the appearance of diseases such as otitis. Its size fits the baby's nose.

    10,95 € -31.4917% 7,50 €
  • Nasalmer Nasal Aspirator
    Out of stock
    Nasalmer Nasal Aspirator

    Nasalmer Nasal Aspirator a nasal aspirator plus three spare parts to ensure the proper cleanliness of the nose of the babies. Helps to eliminate the nasal secretions of your baby. with Nozzle soft and ergonomic that is perfect for daily use without being aggressive.

    8,00 € -38.1241% 4,95 €
  • Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator filter Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator filter
    Out of stock
    Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator Filter

    Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator with Filter to prevent suck the snot baby, comfortable and practical for the mother who simply absorb is able to remove the mucus from the baby.

    5,95 € -16.8699% 4,95 €
  • Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator
    Out of stock
    Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator

    Narhinel Comfort vacuum cleaner 2 spare parts for giftit allows the elimination of nasal secretions that bother the baby. Its ergonomic shape and soft and flexible material refills make it safer, hygienic and easier to use for baby's delicate nose. The spare parts contain an absorbent filter that guarantees perfect hygiene.

    12,95 € -15.4206% 10,95 €
  • Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator Without spare parts Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator Without spare parts
    Out of stock
    Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator

    Acofarbaby nasal Aspirator without the need of spare parts or absorb, just an expert of rubber with a nozzle to absorb the mucus and secretions of the ebebé. Includes two nozzles

    5,95 € -33.7398% 3,94 €
  • Narhinel Confort Spare parts 10 units
    Out of stock
    Narhinel Confort Spare parts 10 units

    Narhinel Comfort Spare Parts 10 units contains disposable refills of soft and flexible material for Narhinel Nasal Aspirator Comfort Refills, which make it safer, hygienic and easy to use for baby's delicate nose. The spare parts contain an absorbent filter that guarantees perfect hygiene.

    6,95 € -30.8362% 4,80 €
  • Chicco Nasal Aspirator Physioclean
    Out of stock
    Chicco Nasal Aspirator Physioclean

    Chicco Nasal Aspirator Physioclean with three parts in addition to the nasal aspirator. has slit up the side that fácilita absorption without making empty as in other systems, or brands. Favors for the rest of the baby thanks to you breathe better. Combinalo with saline to keep the nasal passages clean. Are key to preventing infections greater.

    10,99 € -18.8326% 8,92 €
  • Chicco Spare Parts Vacuum Cleaner 10 Units
    Out of stock
    Chicco Spare Parts Vacuum Cleaner 10 Units

    Chicco spare Parts Vacuum cleaner 10 Units of thought in the sacamocos or vacuum cleaner physioclean of chicco. a spare with a slit up the side to avoid the void that was causing with other systems type narhinel or fluirespira.

    7,95 € -24.6575% 5,99 €
  • Nasalmer Spare Parts 12 Units
    Out of stock
    Nasalmer Spare Parts 12 Units

    Nasalmer spare Parts 12 Units with nozzle soft are perfect for clearing the nose of babies from newborn, prevent infections futures and breathing problems. Always clean it is fundamental to the health of the babies. Helps eliminate the mucus from babies and children.

    6,00 € -34.2742% 3,94 €

A nasal aspirator is a machine that helps to draw or suck the mucous membranes in infants, toddlers, and babies who don't know expel their secretions, as these boogers avoid that babies and children can breathe well.

The subject of the nasal aspirator electric in some cases generated some controversy because it is seen as a positive aspirate the nose of our babies to help decongest, but you must do it little not to irritate the nasal passages and end up with a double problem.

aspirador nasal

Types of vacuum cleaner snot baby

The nasal aspirator electric as all of the machines has evolved, so that today there are several types which can be found below:

  • Nasal aspirator type "pear": is the vacuum cleaner is used, this nasal aspirator works in the following way, you must tighten it and then put it in the nostril of the baby, and let it breathe the air and snot from the nose of the baby.

However, currently it is not recommended to suck snot drink because you can breathe in a manner that is excessive, not to control the power of the vacuum cleaner and can cause a damage to the baby.

  • Nasal aspirator tube: this vacuum cleaner snot baby is the most recommended, to use it there to absorb air through the mouth, through a tube that ends at the nose of the baby.

It has the advantage that you can control the force with which it aspires in function of how they appear a runny nose.

  • Nasal aspirator electric: this vacuum cleaner has several powers to suck out the mucus that's a great advantage at the time of such use.
  • Nasal aspirator vacuum: some call a Few boogers, is an accessory that connects to your vacuum cleaner for home and work like the nasal Aspirator electric.

How to use an aspirator snot baby

Despite the fact that an assistant is very easy and convenient to use, there are some details that it is essential not to overlook as:

  1. Place buttermilk for the nose: For this you must rotate the baby's face to one side and take the serum by the nostril more congested, if you put the serum with a certain pressure is a lot easier than the snot out alone by the other hole, or a puff of air out the baby.
  2. Take the vacuum cleaner and take advantage of the humidity of the area to suck out the mucus to the baby.
  3. It is suggested to perform this action once per day, and only if you see that they have come out with the fix of serum re-make.
  4. Repeat it in the other hole.

Recommendations before using a nasal aspirator for baby

  • Wash with serum several times a day to the baby, but vacuuming only once or twice maximum.
  • If you are a baby, to take advantage before the shots to make the nasal wash to breathe better, and be able to eat better, if it does then you may vomit.
  • If it is greater to do when you are in agreement, so that it is less traumatic, it is recommended to let the babies toy, and be quick to not give them time to flee.

Advantages and disadvantages of the nasal aspirator

The removal of mucus from the baby is a process that should be done when necessary and to perform this action he was created the nasal aspirator for baby, even though this device has many advantages and disadvantages which you should be aware of:


  1. The nasal aspirator makes it easy removal of the mucus, thanks to which it is carried out quickly and without damage.
  2. Help clear the nose of the children in a simple way and in a natural way or electronic depending on the type of vacuum cleaner used.
  3. Not need other products to the extraction and the small are not temper tantrums.
  4. Discarded foci of infection because of the abundance of mucus benefits of infections in the ear, bronchi, lungs, and can cause stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea., to remove the nasal discharge decreases the risk of infections
  5. Relieves the uncomfortable symptoms, because when the baby is congested and can't breathe well, you have trouble swallowing the food, and your sleep is not peaceful, that are conceived irritable and annoying, to suck the snot feel more serene
  6. You can use at home, as they are convenient and are easy to use if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


  1. There are doctors who believe that the use of the nasal aspirator can generate problems of otitis, in consequence of that runny nose and into the Eustachian tube and obstruct.
  2. Aspirators nasal don't like for anything to babies by the sensation that originates inhaled.
  3. Do not always give the desired results, for example, when the child is very clogged and the mucus is low, do not bring the desired result.
  4. The vacuum cleaner can be transformed to children dependent on their use, hindering the learning in this aspect.
  5. Some parents are gross, they blow through the tube of the vacuum cleaner manual.
  6. The hand-held vacuum cleaners have sometimes certain faults in what is their filter or sponge capture refers, as a result, the snot end up in mouth adult, which is extremely disgusting.

Alternatives to nasal aspirator electric

Some parents do not like the use of the nasal aspirator electric, for this reason, there are two alternatives that can work when you need to perform the removal of the mucus from the baby.

The main and most defended by pediatricians is the use of normal saline in the nose of the baby, with this product you can perform nasal washes with excellent results. The washing should be once per day if the child is not sick and five times a day if the child is infected.

There is another procedure that is not very well known, but it is also very effective and is known as the Acceleration of Expiratory Flow (AFE), this practice physiotherapists and lies in making pressure on the belly and chest of the baby to move the mucus up to the outside.