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Narhinel Confort Spare parts 10 units


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Narhinel Comfort Spare Parts 10 units contains disposable refills of soft and flexible material for Narhinel Nasal Aspirator Comfort Refills, which make it safer, hygienic and easy to use for baby's delicate nose. The spare parts contain an absorbent filter that guarantees perfect hygiene.

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What is Narhinel Confort Spare parts 10 units?

Narhinel Confort Spare parts 10 units it is a pack of spare parts that have been designed in order to intervene in the process of extraction of mucus, resulting in more hygienic.

Each of these refills must be discarded after being used to prevent any type of infection in the baby, so its design adapts to the Narhinel Confort applicator.

Its design has been made specifically to be used during the nasal cleaning of the baby, since each one must be used for the aspiration and after the extraction of the mucus must be replaced immediately.

Why use Narhinel Confort Refills 10 units?

These spare parts have quite soft and flexible materials for their elaboration, resulting in the certification of more effective results, without causing any problem in the baby's nose.

Each one contains an absorbent filter that generates an increase in the safety and hygiene of the entire process of cleaning and sucking mucus, so its structure is quite soft and should be discarded after each use.

Its structure has been made to be used in the company of the comfort model nasal aspirator that favors the elimination of the baby's mucus and prevents the appearance of complications, such as otitis or bronchitis.

Its design has been made to provide greater safety, hygiene and to make it very easy to use on the delicate nose of the baby.

What are the features of Narhinel Confort Spare Parts 10 units?

Each refill has been specifically designed to help remove baby mucus, generating a more hygienic process.

  • It makes it difficult for bacteria residues to infect the mucus extraction operation.
  • It contains an absorbent filter, which has the right measure and elements to fit the baby's nose.
  • They generate a beneficial solution for those times when nasal congestion appears.
  • It should be used in the company of the Narhinel Confort Nasal aspirator to collaborate with the elimination of mucus.
  • It generates an improvement in the baby's normal breathing.
  • Each part is individually packaged for safety and hygiene.
  • It generates a superior cleaning and favorable retention of mucus.
  • Each box includes 10 disposable refills.

Who is Narhinel Confort Spare parts 10 units for?

Narhinel Confort Spare parts 10 units they have been specifically designed to be used in the company of Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator for the realization of the hygiene of the nose of babies.

They are totally disposable products and contain absorbent filters that generate an improvement in the extraction of mucus, preventing infections from originating by using the Comfort Nasal Aspirator again.

How to use Narhinel Confort Refills 10 units?

Place a replacement in the central body of the vacuum cleaner, then place the suction nozzle in the adult's mouth and the end of the replacement at each entrance of the baby's nose hole and inhale gently and regularly through the suction nozzle.

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