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Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator


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Narhinel Comfort vacuum cleaner 2 spare parts for giftit allows the elimination of nasal secretions that bother the baby. Its ergonomic shape and soft and flexible material refills make it safer, hygienic and easier to use for baby's delicate nose. The spare parts contain an absorbent filter that guarantees perfect hygiene.

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What is Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator?

Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator it is a device designed to collaborate with the elimination of mucus that usually arise in the baby's nose and can be used during its first months of life.

Its design has been made in order to reduce some breathing problems that arise as a result of the lack of hygiene in their nostrils, so it has an ergonomic model that generates that its use is quite simple.

It has been made using a very flexible and soft material since it does not generate any deterioration in the baby's nose, at the same time that they include spare parts that have absorbent filters that make cleaning more hygienic and safe.

Why use Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator?

This nasal aspirator has been developed to effectively improve the baby's breathing, collaborating with the elimination of nasal secretions so that a better breathing is generated in the infant.

With its use it causes the decongestion of the baby's nose in an effective way, collaborating with the preservation of cleaner and clearer nostrils, improving the quality of their sleep and their diet, in order to optimize their development.

Its design has been made to improve daily hygiene and help prevent any respiratory problem, causing favorable results when colds, mucus or nasal congestion appear.

In addition, it allows to eliminate some particles of dust, smoke and other contaminants, so its design favors the reduction of the amount of microorganisms that develop in the baby's nose.

It improves the hydration of the nostrils, while collaborating the hygiene of the nasal mucosa and improves the normal development of the defensive function.

What is the structure of Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator?

This nasal aspirator has been developed with four main parts, which can be disconnected in order to generate an improvement in the hygiene process at the end of its use:

  • Disposable refill: it is a plastic tube that has a hard texture and funnel shape that goes into the baby's nose, contains a foam that causes the retention of mucus and prevents them from being aspirated at the other end.
  • Support: in this part the disposable replacement is located, it is made of plastic and has a circular termination that sticks to the rubber.
  • Rubber: it is a long rubber by which the air is mobilized when inhaled.
  • Nozzle: adheres to the rubber for suction.

Who is Narhinel Confort Nasal Aspirator for?

Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator it has been specifically developed for the realization of the decongestion of the baby's nose from the first use, so its design is ergonomic and includes spare parts made with a soft and flexible material.

Composition of Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator

Plastic material.

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