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Created in 1950 to provide to the skin of babies, the necessary care, has managed to become a reference brand in the cosmetic child. Today it stands out for its continuous innovation in the creation of new, quality products to the market, launching periodically for new treatments, more and more natural, as well as effective because not only suitable for the delicate skin of the babies, but also of the adults, such as, for example, are the products of your solar line after sun included or products skin care for pregnant moms.

Mustela presumed, with reason, to contain up to 92% of ingredients of natural origin (something that certainly few brands can claim), as well as to have a total absence of parabens, triclosan, alcohol and other products that irritate or have a bad reputation among dermatologists.

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Therefore, the products Mustela have become the choice of many parents for the care of their infants, highlighting, among all the products of this brand, the next “five desired”:

Cream-Milk body Mustela Hydra (hypoallergenic and with a 88 % natural ingredients, to avoid allergies and irritations in the smaller ones),

Mustela Cream Balm 1-2-3 to stop and prevent irritation caused by the diapers and with 98 % of natural ingredients,

the cleansing wipes Mustela to clean the baby's skin without alcohol or irritating substances,

Gel Dermolimpiador Mustela without soap to bathe your baby both the skin and the hair, and without irritating the eyes, and

Water of cologne Mustela with a characteristic aroma, alcohol-free and pH 5.5 to respect the perfect balance of the skin of the kid, aromatizándola without drying it.

The price-quality ratio of the products Mustela is second to none, so buy Mustela is to buy with the head.

In addition to the five mentioned products, Mustela not stop the launch of new soaps, creams and shower gels for all types of skin, but also tends to bring to market various products of promotion, or a set of products ideal for gifts such as hampers with products for newborns and babies of different ages with products designed especially for them. They tend to be lots of quality products that you can buy Mustela cheap and are sold in a beautiful, “containers” such as

Mustela Backpack child care facilities, designed to accompany the baby to the nursery to be cared for there, too, with all of your favorite products,storage basket, Mustela, for boy or for girl, Mustela bag “my first trip” with the five desired size large; among other batches.

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