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Mustela Hydra Baby Body 500 ml


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  • This product is hypoallergenic.

  • It is a paraben-free formula.

  • It is a product that provides long-lasting hydration.

  • This body milk can be used from the birth of the baby.

  • It is a formula with a light texture.

  • It is a cream that contains shea butter.

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Do you need a moisturizer for your baby to use from birth and do not know which one to choose?

We already know how delicate a baby as a whole is and even more so if we talk about that baby from a few hours of birth and the care of his skin specifically.

The skin of a baby is an organ of the body that at that age has an extraordinary absorption capacity, which is why the selection of a product for its hydration must be quite rigorous in order to choose what brings the greatest benefits in its age.

Mustela Hydra Baby Body 500 ml it is a product that moisturizes for a long time thanks to the fact that jojoba oil is present in its composition. In this way it effectively restores the hydrolipidic cover, softening the skin, thanks to the content of shea butter in the formula.

It is a fluid and unctuous cream, which makes it spread easily because it is a non-greasy cream that penetrates instantly, leaving the skin supple and silky. This is a dermatologically approved product that can be applied with confidence from the birth of the baby.

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Indications of Mustela Hydra Baby Body 500 ml

Among the most outstanding indications of this body milk are the following:

  • Suitable for babies with atopic skin.

  • It can be used in children from birth.

  • In those children where you want to strengthen the skin barrier.

  • Indicated for daily use in the baby and keep his skin hydrated.

  • It is indicated for the baby at any age.

  • For sensitive and delicate skin.

Characteristics of Mustela Hydra Baby Body 500 ml

  • This cream is designed for daily hydration of your baby's entire body

  • é, after the bath.

  • This product strengthens the skin barrier and preserves the skin's cellular richness thanks to its natural active ingredient.

  • This milk has the property of leaving your baby's skin silky, flexible and very soft, reinforcing it day by day.

  • It is a hypoallergenic formula, which reduces the risk of hypersensitivity.

  • This product is free of parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol.

  • It contains in its formulation jojoba oil and shea butter which provides adequate amounts of vitamin E.

¿How to use Mustela Hydra Baby Body 500 ml?

Apply morning and night a small amount throughout the body of your baby, with clean skin, after hygiene, performing a gentle massage. This milk can be used from the birth of your baby.

What do we recommend to make good use of Mustela Hydra Bebe Body 500 ml?

  • Store this cream in a cool place.

  • Avoid direct contact with moisture and sunlight.

  • In case of hypersensitivity, immediately discontinue use.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • This product is not intended to be ingested.

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