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Mussvital products with an attractive offer, quality and price. Hand creams, milks moisturizing, bleaching of hair, shower gels, shampoos, soaps for hands,intimate hygiene, lip balms, solar products.

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In 1.986 launches the gel dermatological Mussvital for sale exclusively in pharmacies, which in 1998 it relaunched with a radical change in his philosophy, committed to convert the mark on the benchmark of quality in the market of hygiene and skin care in the pharmacy. Appear under the brand Mussvital a wide range of products that make up a attractive offer, quality and price. Deodorants, hand creams, milks moisturizing, bleaching of hair, nail Polish remover, a wide range of shower gels, shampoos, soaps for hands, products for intimate hygiene, lip balms, solar products make up the range of products Mussvital at the disposal of the pharmacies in spain.

Parallel in 1990 launches the first electronic monitor digital blood pressure, a new system for measuring a parameter of health as important as blood pressure. The extraordinary quality of the monitors Omron, a Technical Service and Customer Care is excellent and the countless educational campaigns carried out to doctors and pharmacists to get what seemed like a dream, modify the way in which health care professionals to measure the blood pressure. In these past 20 years, the park of blood pressure monitors Omron has not stopped growing and now exceeds two million units in Spain, cementing our brand as the undisputed leader in this market.

In this period has expanded the range of products Omron with the incorporation of various electronic products related to the control, prevention and treatment of a wide range of pathologies. Nebulizers, Thermometers, TENS, Meters, body fat, Pedometers, Electrocardiographs and portable, very recently, Toothbrushes, electronic compose the offer that Peroxides Pharmaceutical puts at the disposal of its customers, basically pharmacies and shops, medical and material hospitable.