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Multivitaminicos, are supplements to your day-to-day composite for vitamins and oligo-elements that meet all the daily needs of the organism in its daily operation, composed of all the vitamins of groups b and c complete formulas leaders of the market as pharmaton complex or supradyn. Within that we call sports Supplements, there are vitamin supplements, or multivitamins.

The main function of these compounds vitamin is to achieve a good functioning of our organism. The people who participate in sports have a metabolic increase was significant. And is that many times this intense effort is NOT offset by an intake balanced food, that is to say a diet rich in nutrients, so it is recommended the consumption of vitamin supplements.

The idea is to regulate the diet of an athlete: to complement the general nutrition, enhance athletic performance and achieve the maximum development. But it is necessary to know how the supplements work in your body. So, it is very important to inform, consult and carefully read the instructions of the products, since the intake indiscriminate of these, or other, can produce serious toxic effects.

Vitamins as a supplement

Dietary supplements also called nutritional supplements, food supplements or supplements, they are an important part of some diets, because they cover some nutritional deficiencies or help our body to improve its functioning and performance. Today they exist in the market infinity of these products. The majority presents a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins are organic substances existing in the food and unable to be synthesized by the body in sufficient quantities and that are needed in very small amounts for metabolic functions.

Research has shown that a vitamin deficiency influences on physical performance and that when the deficiency is corrected, the performance usually improves. It is also shown that an adequate intake of different vitamins adversely affects psychological functions and related to the behavior ( Ex. Anxiety, fatigue, excitability. etc ). The most common indication is to counteract a physical exertion.

It is about formulas of vitamins and minerals to the set point, the recovery constant and aid for any physical activity. They also serve to correct the fatigue and physical exhaustion, before and after the practice of sports. It is necessary to bear in mind that vitamins are essential compounds for our body and should be provided daily in the dietaya that our body can't synthesize (or, in insufficient quantities).

Its primary role is to participate in the control of lipid metabolism, protein, carbohydrate, and mineral. In other words, the vitamins do not provide energy directly, what they do is they help us convert food into energy, that is why we often turn to them when we feel tired, fatigued, or low on forces.

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