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Multilind is a range of products created by the laboratories Stada with the purpose of generating an efficient and durable solution to the problems of the most sensitive skins, with the use of natural ingredients.

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  • Multilind Bath Gel 500 ml
    Multilind Bath Gel 500 ml

    Format gel. Hypoallergenic products. Improves the hydration of the skin. Suitable for people with sensitive skin. Provides vitamins. Does not include soap.

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  • Multilind Micro Silver Cream 75
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    Multilind Micro Silver Cream 75 ml

    Contains Microplata. Protects and preserves the bacterial flora of the skin. Improves the hydration. Provides protection to the skin. Generates an excellent tolerability. Presentation of 75 ml.

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  • Multilind Micro Silver Lotion 500 ml
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    Multilind Micro Silver Lotion 500 ml

    Lotion for the body. Effectively decrease the itching. Reduces flaking and irritation. Suitable for skin atopic, extrasecas and dry. It contains particles of microplata pure. Promotes the care of a dermatologist journal.

    19,95 €

Their products can be used both in young children and adults who have symptoms of dry skin and generate multiple benefits as a treatment for the most aggressive of what is called atopic dermatitis.

In the same way, they can be used in the prevention and maintenance of hydration in the affected areas for the time as it deems appropriate, encouraging the care of all skin types and can be applied in any area, including the face.

What is Multilind?

Multilind is a brand focused on the care of the skin atopic, extra dry and dry, as well as for sensitive and reactive, with eczema and psoriasis, and diabetic thanks to its innovative formula that incorporates microplata pure.

This brand uses only components of natural active ingredients such as evening primrose oil, vitamin E complex and the patented defensil that generate their effective action on the barrier function of the skin is altered, and decrease symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

In addition, you can use jojoba oil for the purpose of treating the dryness or xerosis, while the defensil has been formulated to reduce the itching. While, that the evening primrose oil reduces irritation and inflammation.

Finally, it is used as a main ingredient microplata to prevent and treat the infection that is typically generated in the outbreaks of atopic dermatitis.

Their hygiene products, presents a profile moisturizing and soft, soothing the itching as they are free from soap, perfumes, dyes, sulfates, lanolin, or other ingredients of animal origin.

Facial care provides routine perfect since its formulation combines components that promote hygiene swabian and intense hydration.

 What is Multilind?

Multilind is a product-focused to generate an effective and permanent solution to the problems of the most delicate skins, with the use of natural ingredients.

The composition of Multilind includes a mix of natural active ingredients and free of parabens, fragrance, sulfates and dyes, originating as a result their products are suitable for all skin types, especially dry and atopic.

Its formulation has been designed for the purpose of acting on all the symptoms of the vicious circle of atopic dermatitis, so it generates the following effects:

  • Protects and strengthens the barrier function of the skin

  • Decreases itching and irritation

  • Reduces the risk of complicated

  • Diminishes the appearance of outbreaks atopic

  • Reduces the possible occurrence of allergies

  • Efficacy and tolerability demonstrated clinically

Their range is extensive, and consists of products for the hygiene and hydration daily in addition to the treatment products. The latter include in their formulation the microplata, to prevent superinfection of the skin more damaged.

What are the benefits it offers Multilind?

Contains a component with antibacterial effect of natural origin, and is the only product that exists that includes microplata pure, to prevent the development of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus.

Its components have been selected to preserve the natural flora of the skin, at the same time that it provides an effective power nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory due to its content of three natural active ingredients.

Its formulation originates in the skin the optimal action anti-inflammatory, antipruriginosa and antioxidant that promotes the restoration of the lipid barrier of the skin.

With its use are attacked five symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis such as irritation, inflammation, itching, impaired barrier function, dry skin, and superinfection by providing products that improve the care of the skin, cleanse, hydrate and care for them.

It is a line of products that includes products that are safe for children and adults, since it includes microplata in doses considerably low to originate from an excellent tolerability and has an effectiveness and tolerance supported by clinical trials and studies.

 Where To Buy Multilind?

At the time of need, any kind of product to give specific care to the skin, you can acquire products Multilind in any pharmacy and can be purchased On the web with a single click.

These products are in the leading institutions for the purpose of being included in the daily routine of the easiest manner possible, being able to achieve a number of amazing deals for best benefits.

Among the main products of Multilind are:

  • Multilind micro silver: it is a line of products indicated for the adjuvant treatment of atopic skin with anti-inflammatory actions, anti-bacterial, moisturizing and antioxidant.

  • Multilind daily hygiene: it is a line of products composed by Gel bathrooms, mild shampoo, conditioner ideal for cleaning and complement the daily care of the skin atopic phase of strokes with allergic reactions.

What are the active ingredients and the properties of Multilind?

This brand includes ingredients of natural origin, including some that generate protective effects and soothing, at the same time added that improve the hydration of the skin:

  • Microplata pure: the scaly skin and very dry is unprotected against germs, thanks to its antibacterial action that fulfills part of the protective function.

  • Evening primrose oil: provides a large amount of benefits for the skin, it is rich in essential fatty acids, Omega-6, has anti-inflammatory properties and restores the lipid barrier of the skin.

  • Jojoba oil: white flakes of hyperkeratinization need a good cell regenerator that the decrease effectively, at the same time it generates an increase of the elasticity of dry skin, softens and protects.

  • Defensil: is the active complex of Multilind against itching and irritation, it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and blocks the inflammation and itching. In addition, repairs the function protective barrier of the skin as a coat of natural defense.

How should it be used Multilind?

The application must be daily and immediately generates the relief of itching of the arias rebels, because all of their products come with a texture quite nice and an excellent absorption.

Leaves No feeling of being by applying a paste thick white who does not want to be absorbed by the skin as the other, so it is recommended to use twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for best results.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.