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Multicentrum Women 30 Tablets


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Multicentrum Women 30 Tablets designed for women, covering the needs of day to day life of the woman Releases energy to normal energy metabolism normal. Improves your immune system. Brings health to the skin, hair, and nails. Helps the maintenance of calcium in the blood and bones.

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The product Multicentrum Woman 30 tablets is multivitamin and multimineral designed so that women can get all those nutrients they may need in their day to day.

The nutritional needs of women are different from that of men; for this reason, Multicentrum has developed two different formulas, with some points in common.

What does Multicentrum Mujer 30 tablets provide for women?

Helps to achieve a normal energy metabolism

Its formula includes a whole series of vitamins, predominating those that belong to the B complex such as B2, B6 or B2. It also includes some basic elements for the body such as thiamine, biotin or pantothenic acid. All these compounds, associated with iron, get the energy metabolism of the body is normal.

That is, they helped to deploy energy when it is most needed.

Fights fatigue and tiredness

As if we do sports on a regular basis and we want to overcome our limits, as if we are experiencing some periods of our lives where we are very tired, this supplement can help us; it contains folic acid that will help us to combat fatigue and tiredness.

Bone maintenance

In addition, its formula has also been enriched with calcium, a mineral necessary to keep our bones in the best conditions. It includes vitamin D that helps to absorb the maximum amount of calcium that comes from food, avoiding the waste of this element.

High concentration of iron

One of the keys of this supplement is that in its formula it has a certain amount of iron, an element that is considered key to form red blood cells and to get hemoglobin to remain at acceptable levels.

This supply of iron is especially important for women who are of childbearing age, due to the blood loss that occurs in each menstrual cycle.

Skin maintenance

Its formula also includes zinc and biotin, which helps keep hair and skin in good condition. On the other hand, it also has selenium which is the mineral responsible for making us have strong nails and resistant to the passage of time.

Strengthening the immune system

In addition to all the above, with the contribution of vitamin C, selenium and zinc, our immune system is strengthened making it more complicated to experience diseases.

For all this it is such a complete supplement and so demanded in the store.