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Multicentrum Select 50 90 Tablets


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Multicentrum Select 50+ 90 tablets that balances your body by supplementing with lutein and all the needs of your agency. contains essential vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals, and lutein that help you to feel 100%. and you can find it here at the best price online.

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This food supplement contains minerals, vitamins and proteins in a formula that has been specifically designed to adapt to the needs of those who have already turned 50 and who, therefore, need a boost of extra energy.

As the years go by, there are alterations in the absorption and metabolism of nutrients that penetrate the body. All this also causes a change in the nutritional needs of the user, so we need vitamin supplements that help us strengthen our immune system.

That is why with Multicentrum Select 90 tablets we can cover the energy needs that minerals and vitamins will provide us for those adults who have turned 50 years.

Functions of the energy supplement Multicentrum Select 90 tablets

Contributes to a normal energy metabolism

In its formula we find vitamins of the B complex (B2, B6, B12), as well as some very important components such as biotin, niacin, thiamine and pantothenic acid that helps our body's energy metabolism to be at normal values.

That is to say, we will always have the necessary energy to be able to develop any type of activity.

Vision maintenance

It also has vitamin C, minerals, selenium and sin, which will help the immune system function normally. On the other hand, it also has vitamin A, which is involved in helping our eyesight stay in the best conditions.

The problem with this last vitamin is that it is not always integrated in our diet, since there are not many foods that integrate it. Therefore, it must be included in additional supplements.

Maintaining normal levels of calcium in the blood

In its formula we also find vitamins D and K that help keep our bones in normal conditions. And is that, although there are many foods that are marketed as an enormous source of calcium (such as milk), in the vast majority of them the amount is so small that it is not usable for the body. That is why, so this type of supplements will help us strengthen the intake of calcium in the body.

Taking one tablet a day with food will strengthen all of the above.

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