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Multicentrum Man 50+ 30 Tablets


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Multicentrum Man 50+ 30 Tablets is a complement intended in the needs of man, and of men 50 or more years, are add-ons to the day-to-day that are tolerated perfectly and improve both your day-to-day.

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During maturity our body needs vitamin and mineral inputs different from those we may need in any other period of our lives. With the formula of Multicentrum Hombre select we can balance our body during this new period.

It contains a special formula that has been enriched in compounds such as vitamins, minerals and proteins.

One of the main ravages of the passage of time is that our metabolism will not work in the same way, at the same pace, so it will not be able to absorb nutrients with the same precision.

That is why this supplement is considered the most suitable option for those over 50 years who want to see their health strengthened.

What does the supplement Multicentrum Hombre select give us?

Vitality & energy

If we analyze its formula specifically, we will realize that it predominates B vitamins (such as B2, B12 or B6), as well as other nutrients that are considered essential for the proper functioning of our body.

All of them help us to get energy when we lack most, as well as to be able to get a better absorption of all the nutrients that we obtain through our diet.

Immune system improvement

On the other hand, it also helps our immune system to be in the best conditions, to make it more complicated that we can experience any type of disease, or to get a quick recovery from it, as well as to combat the related symptoms.

Helps improve our vision

Possibly our view is no longer the same as we are fulfilling years, so we need a type of energy contribution that helps keep it in the best conditions.

The supplement Multicentrum Hombre select is enriched with vitamin A, which helps us to maintain our sight in normal conditions.

Helps maintain our bones

It is also able to maintain bone health in the best conditions thanks to the contribution of vitamins of type D and K.

In the formula of this supplement we can find a great combination of vitamins, proteins, minerals and different related elements that help balance our body at the time we cross the threshold of 50 years.

A completely respectful formula with our body that will help us feel with the same vitality as years ago.