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Multicentrum Man 30 Tablets


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Multicentrum Man 30 Tablets thought of the needs of the men is rich in magnesium to supplement the diet that you need to your muscle day by day. Improve your day-to-day and helps you feel better to the best bid price multicentrum, men are already here your vitamins.

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There are different nutritional needs in men and women, so we can find special vitamin products for each specific case. In this case, with the supplement Multicentrum Man 30 tablets we have a formula that has been designed especially for men, with the amounts of vitamins and minerals adapted specifically to what they need in their day to day.

What does Multicentrum Hombre 30 tablets give us?

This supplement has amounts reinforced in minerals and vitamins that help to meet the nutritional needs of men who may need both for sports training, and when performing any type of activity:

Transport of oxygen in the body

In its formulation it has vitamins of the B complex (B2, B6 and B12), as well as very interesting compounds for the body such as thiamine, niacin, biotin, iron and pantothenic acid.

This set of elements is responsible for being able to transport oxygen throughout the body, in addition to contributing to the energy metabolism in the body is normal.

At that time when a little extra energy is needed, we can use this supplement to achieve it. If we consume it on a daily basis, we will not have nutritional deficiencies associated with vitamins and minerals.

Strengthening the immune system

It also contains a high amount of vitamin C, as well as minerals such as selenium and zinc. This composition of elements helps the immune system to be able to strengthen the way in which it is expected, being able to make us avoid certain diseases, as well as that we can recover from them as soon as possible.

Muscle function

The formula also contains minerals as interesting as calcium or magnesium that are involved in the optimal functioning of our muscles, helping us to recover from the muscle fatigue of our workouts, or simply from the tiredness of our day to day.

Normal heart function

Vitamin B1 is able to stimulate the bloodstream, which helps the heart function properly. Thus it is able to protect us against certain cardiovascular disorders.

You should take one tablet a day with food and these can be divided in the case that they can not be swallowed in one piece.

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