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Multicentrum 90 Tablets


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Multicentrum 90 Tablets is a complement vitamin that makes your daily diet mediterranean to be even more complete, regulates your deficiency states with the best add-on for your day to day, fights fatigue, fatigue and lack of strength since its first tablet, Treatment for 3 months.

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In the event that lately you feel tired, that you do not have the strength or energy to end the day, if you are doing some type of training and need that extra energy contribution to keep the body in the best conditions, this product is just what you have been looking for.

Not only will it help you get those vitamins your body needs, but it will also do the same with some essential minerals.

It helps to find the balance of those nutrients that we should get through the diet, but that we are not always able to integrate.

It is a food supplement that has been enriched with vitamins, minerals, and lutein, which will help cover any need that the individual may have throughout his day, regardless of the type of life that is: both if you follow a more sedentary lifestyle, as more active, although the last option will always be recommended).

What does Multicentrum 90 tablets give us?


To help us get extra energy, this vitamin complex provides us with vitamins of the B complex, as well as the mineral iron. It will help the body to release all the energy that is accumulated in food, which accelerates the metabolism helping to encourage the natural transport of oxygen throughout the body.

Maintains the health of our skin

The nutrients it provides us are also involved in the formation of collagen, which is a natural element present in our skin that helps maintain it in the best conditions. Delays the appearance of wrinkles, regenerates the natural protective film against external agents and, ultimately, makes us stay younger for much longer.

Strengthens our natural defenses

In its formula it also has antioxidants that are considered crucial for our immune system to function in a way in which it is expected.

Reduces environmental stress

Thanks to its formula has been reinforced with the vitamin C and E, help the cells can get to combat those injuries that have been caused by free radicals, from extreme environmental conditions such as exposure to solar radiation, pollution, or related problems.

It also has the mineral selenium that will help you achieve exactly the same goal.

The perfect product to be able to withstand the rhythm of your day to day.

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