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Mouthwash is an ideal supplement and highly recommended then start the daily care oral, that is to say, brush your teeth, use dental floss and interproximal brushes, because it is formulated for the improvement of the cleaning oral hygiene.

Currently this product has a very broad field, like toothpastes and that is due to the great variety of offers that you have, so it is advisable to know in advance what you want to purchase or visit to a dentist that indicate that you need.

These help to treat different diseases or dental problems such as periodontitis, bad breath, gingivitis, among others. It has generated a wide variety that manage to adapt to the needs of each person.


Types of Mouthwash

There are several types of Mouth Rinse available in the market, which are designed to provide a great benefit in the recovery of the dental problems:

  • Antiseptics: Are infallible action in infections of the mouth caused by bacterial plaque, and other conditions applying their effectiveness in sores, tongue, gums, etc

Also generate a freshness and excellent taste, taking into account that frequent usage and daily provides the results in a more efficient manner.

  • Anticariogenic: it Is the Mouthwash that is made with a large supply of fluoride, achieving in this way the contribution of calcium-dental that is needed in order to reduce the risk of tooth decay and dealing the same way with the plaque.
  • Halitosis: Is created to remove the bad breath that is generated by the disintegration of the bacteria that are found in the cavity of mouth, being these that give as a result the problem of the tooth decay, periodontal disease, etc

The action of this is the discard of the bacteria found in teeth, gums, and tongues, giving the ideal control in bad breath giving your place a fresh flavor and the elimination of the occurrence of future decay.

  • Plaque Bacterial: it Is indicated for the treatment of gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums and periodontal disease.

Due to the chemical formulation with which they were set up these rinses has the function of eliminate and inhibit the creation of microorganisms that cause plaque.

Provide a great protection that meets as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anticalcification of the plate due to its formula.

  • Without Alcohol: it Is indicated for people with gums or teeth very sensitive.

Function of the Mouthwash

The initial function of the Mouthwash is to help in the prevention and appearance of the caries, and this is generated as a result of the compounds that are made of that work to eliminate the formation of bacterial plaque and the tartar.

They also contain specific ingredients to achieve the improvement in the healing of the wounds, which were awarded for oral surgery and also trigger a breath free of halitosis and more fresh.

Importance of Mouthwash

It is of great importance that you use the right way by following the instructions provided by the dentist to achieve the best possible outcome, avoiding the occurrence of side effects.

If it is used according to the indications of the dose, the time and the number of rinses recommended you will see the effect in a short period of time.

This product is very important because it complements the cleaning of the mouth, because its scope is unlimited because you will have a total coverage of the mouth, making the removal of all that body junk.

 Mode of Use of the Mouthwash

It is recommended that the use of Mouthwash to any person, but the dentist should inform you that product is indicated to the patient.

The aim of integrating the mouthwash to the routine dental cleaning is to generate the teeth are free of bacteria and preserve them for a long time, so it is recommended to use an approximately two times each day.

To be used once a day will be very important to use at night for best result. The abuse of this product generates adverse consequences as extreme use will not improve dental hygiene in an immediate way.

To introduce this product to the routine cleaning should keep in mind the following procedure:

  1. First there is that you brush your mouth with the techniques already known.
  2. After you perform the initial cleaning you should use the utensils of interdental cleaning such as the handpiece, dental floss among others.
  3. The last step to follow is the use of Mouthwash that will provide a fresh breath and a smile more attractive.

It is appropriate that at the time of use of the product to be kept in the mouth for a period of time of 30 to 60 seconds, and then proceed to expel him, recalling that after use do not rinse your mouth with water because it would eliminate the product.

The best Mouthwash

Making the decision to choose the best mouthwash is not an easy task, because if what you want is to improve the routine dental cleaning should choose one that suits the needs of the patient.

You should take into account that the use of this product will add an improvement to the dental hygiene, but not under any circumstances be a substitute for brushing the teeth.

Due to the different types of mouthwashes that can you must choose one which is the one that best suits the patient, for this you must go to a specialist which will indicate which is the one that fits your needs.

The recommendation health is extremely important, because not only will recommend which to use, but which shall indicate the specific way which you must apply it.

To be used in the wrong way can cause damage and cause staining of the teeth, generating pain in the mouth, for this reason it is advisable to consult a physician at the time of initial use.

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