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With the arrival of the baby at home it is convenient to have at hand a well-armed basket with those items that you are going to use more often. Mitosyl offers you at a good price to buy a wide variety of baby care creams

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  • Mitosyl Pomada Protective 65 g Mitosyl Pomada Protective 65 g
    Mitosyl Pomada Protective 65 g

    Mitosyl Pomada Protective 65 grams, the intermediate size of this cream for diaper change that by its composition with zinc oxide prevents sunburn and irritation of the culete by feces or urine, easy to extend, and also used as a protective and moisturizing. Packaging of 65 grams

    9,95 € -25.0894% 7,45 €
  • Mitosyl balsamo First teeth 25 ml Mitosyl balsamo First teeth 25 ml
    Mitosyl balsamo First teeth 25 ml

    Mitosyl Balsamo First Teeth is a gel gingival to apply on the baby's gums to soothe, refresh and protect. It is composed of lacto serum, a principle of natural origin, which gives the product properties, protective and soothing. It is very easy to apply. There are only applied 4 to 6 times a day, preferably after meals and before bedtime for the baby.

    7,00 € -9.0771% 6,36 €
  • Mitosyl Pomada Protective 145 g Mitosyl Pomada Protective 145 g
    Out of stock
    Mitosyl Pomada Protective 145 g

    Mitosyl Pomada Protective 145 grams is a cream for daily care of areas private and delicate against possible irritations arising out of the use of diaper rash and sunburn, use after each diaper change on the baby's bottom clean and dry. It can be used as a moisturizing protectivepackaging of 145 grams

    13,00 € -10.7076% 11,60 €
  • mitosyl duplo 65 grams savings
    Out of stock
    Mitosyl Pomada Protective 65 g Duplo Savings

    Mitosyl Duplo 65 grams, the cream of diaper but sold at the best price of promotion, at a cost savings to your pocket while maintaining the quality of the product for your baby.

    12,00 € -20.8669% 9,50 €

Some of these products are essential in the daily care of the newborn and others will be used as the little ones grow up. The important thing is to always have trusted brands, because in itself the new experience of parenthood can be stressful in the first days not knowing what we are facing 

When we talk about the necessary things for the baby, cribs, strollers, playpens, highchairs, hammocks come to mind, but what about the hygiene of the little ones?. 

Why buy Mitosyl in Pharmacy Market?

In the daily care of the irritations produced by the diaper, we have for example Mitosyl, a market-leading cream that is trusted by many dads. 

With more than half a century of experience, the brand gives parents the confidence they need in raising their new family member.

The products of the range Mitosyl they are many and very varied, with the added advantage that they adapt to the growth stages of the little ones to guarantee the care of sensitive skin that must be taken care of with care.

Mitosyl ointment it helps to mitigate the discomfort caused by the diaper that almost every baby usually goes through at some stage of its use. Zinc oxide, cod liver oil, lanolin and vaseline are some of the components with which this ointment works and an endorsement against bites and irritations on the buttocks and surroundings 

It should also be noted that Mitosyl does not guarantee only the skin care of the little ones, since it is also possible to use mitosyl for adults. In case of atopic skin specialists do not hesitate to recommend to their patients mitosyl cream. 

Get the best prices on offer from Mitosyl

Dry skin, both children and adults will find in this cream a great travel companion to repair damaged areas. Among other of its virtues, in addition to keeping the skin moist and hydrated, this excellent product on the market helps to soothe itching and irritation.

The use of this cream also contributes to restoring the skin, with the addition that since it is a product designed for use on babies, it does not contain parabens or fragrances. 

For sale in our parapharmacy, the mitosyl price it is affordable for all budgets, a sign that quality and economical can go perfectly hand in hand.

But Mitosyl is not only diaper cream, it is lassar paste, tooth balm, face cream, body lotion...

Whether you are waiting for the arrival of the newborn, as if you already have it in your arms or you, as an adult, suffer from atopic skin problems, do not hesitate to buy a brand in which millions of people have already placed their trust. What are you waiting for to add the products of the Mitosyl range to the cart?

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