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Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 g


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Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 grams, intermediate size of this diaper change cream that due to its composition with zinc oxide prevents bites and irritations of the ass by feces or urine, easy to spread and also used as a protective and moisturizing. Pack of 65 grams

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What is Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 g?

Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 g it is an ointment specially formulated to provide superior care to the areas that usually suffer from bites as a result of diaper use, since it includes cod liver oil in its formulation.

Its formulation provides vitamins A and D, which have been mixed with zinc oxide, to provide optimal absorbent and astringent properties, resulting in an effective protective and softening action to the skin.

You can get it at a wonderful Price that will allow you to take care of the skin of your little one preventing the appearance of bites or chafing as a result of the use of the diaper and has a wonderful presentation in a tube containing 65 grams.

Why Buy Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 g in Pharmacy Market?

It can be used on the skin of newborns to prevent bites from arising in the intimate areas of the little ones in the house, since this area is very delicate and being in regular contact with the diaper, urine and feces  it can be damaged and attacked.

With the usual use of this ointment, superior protection is generated to the baby's skin, preventing  diaper rash originates, which is usually a common problem in young children.

At Buy this cream provides effective care to areas suffering from bites as a result of diaper use, since its formulation contains cod liver oil that provides vitamins A and D, while including zinc oxide.

Its formulation has been designed to give the skin its wonderful absorbent and astringent properties, while giving it an effective  protective and softening action that generates excellent results when there are bites or chafing.

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In our parapharmacy this ointment has Offer that will help to acquire this beneficial formulation that includes excipients, vaseline and lanolin, in order to create a protective barrier against the deterioration generated by contact with external elements.

In addition, thanks to its cream texture it is used in a  quite simple way, since only the application of a small dose is required after each diaper change, it is advisable to use it 1 or 2 times a day, always with well-cleaned and dry skin.

Benefits of Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 g

Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 g it is an ointment that includes a formulation specially made to generate local calm and symptomatic of the mistreatment of the skin originated as a result of irritations, cracks, chafing, minor burns and bites.

It includes zinc oxide in its formulation so that it has  astringent and protective properties,  at the same time it provides superior moisture care, treating and  avoiding diaper chafing.

Composition from Mitosyl Protective Ointment 65 g

Petrolatum, Zinc oxide, Lanolin, Aqua, Paraffinumliquidum, Gadusmorrhualiveroil, Geraniol, Methylsalicylate, BHA.

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