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The range of baby food to Miltina belong to the brand HUMAN BABY, which in turn is a part of Human Society Milchunion Everswinkel, a German company specialized in the manufacturing of products of baby food, present in the markets of over 30 countries around the world.

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  • miltina 0 400g miltina 0 400g
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    Miltina 0 Premature 400 g

    Miltina 0 400 grams for premature infants, rich in Lc-pufa, dietary fiber, and nucleotidso is a dietary treatment for premature infants or newborns low weight. Made in Germany.

    9,50 €
  • colimil 30 ml colimil 30 ml
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    Colimil 30 ml

    Colimil 30 ml at a dose of 1 ml twice daily or at a dose of 1 ml depending on the nursing infant. It has been removed from the fennel and takes a probiotic tindalizado that when they do it is sterilized at a low temperature to prevent the entry of bacteria patogenas and so ensure its use in preterm

    15,99 € -14.0303% 13,75 €
  • Miltina 1 Probalance 750 g
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    Miltina 1 Probalance 750 g

    Miltina 1 Probalance 750 g , formula infant formula for newborns, enriched with GOS, omega 3 and 6 in addition to ensure only lactose content, made in germany.

    13,95 €
  • Miltina 2 Probalance 750 g
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    Miltina 2 Probalance 750 g

    Miltina 2 Probalance 750 g for infants from the 6th month of life, with 68 kcal per 100ml, and enriched with GOS , LCP omega 3 and 6 and only lactose content secured with official certificates. Made in Germany.

    14,95 € -13.0979% 12,99 €
  • Miltina 3 Probalance 800 g
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    Miltina 3 Probalance 800 g

    Miltina 3 Probalance 800 g is the milk of creciiento of milte for children and babies of more than a year, made with fibers, prebiotics and omega-3 and omega-6. Made in germany with the best quality.

    15,00 € -13.7097% 12,95 €
  • Miltina Bc Digest, 800 g
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    Miltina Bc Digest, 800 g

    Miltina Bc Digest 800 grams is a milk formula for treating dietary in case of intestinal disorders mild colicky baby's, with a lipid structure and with a reduced content in lactose, contains hydrolyzed proteins.

    17,66 €
  • Miltina 2 Probalance Duplo 1500 g
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    Miltina 2 Probalance Duplo 1500 g

    Miltina 2 Probalance Duplo 1500 g milk continuation of laboratories human baby of German manufacturing, at the best price with a pack with two cans of 800 grams is a complement of the milky diet of your baby from 6 month of life. The best price of saving to be able to enjoy this offer human baby.

    30,00 € -16.685% 24,99 €
  • Miltina 3 Probalance Duplo 1500 g
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    Miltina 3 Probalance Duplo 1500 g

    Miltina 3 Probalance Duplo 1500 g an offer of 2 bottles of miltina 800 grams of format junior with price unbeatable offer. The milk of growth of a human baby with the best offer in the market. Container duplo 1600 grams with savings of over 50 % in the second unit.

    25,00 € -12.2305% 21,95 €
  • Miltina Ar 400 g
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    Miltina Ar 400 g

    Miltina Ar 400 g a formula antiregurgitación intended for special medical purposes, made in germany are what you can give to your baby from the very first day. You must use the spoon contained in the bottle, which corresponds to 4.4 grams per tablespoon. It is a formula to treat vomiting or regurgitation baby's physiological problems, must be recommended...

    12,50 €

Between the supply Miltina, highlight the infant milk powder, or liquid formula for infants and food supplements. For its part, the supply of products pediatric Human Baby have been designed to meet the diverse needs throughout the different stages of baby's growth.

Best of all, is that the great range of products Miltina are available at the national level in pharmacies and parapharmacies, with the best prices and promotions Miltina, to be released between the moms and dads of our country.

Miltina Milk drink

The baby milk Miltina is made from the milk of controlled source (as well as the healthy nutrition of dairy cows), subjected to a severe chain of control, in order to ensure a natural product and free of agents that are genetically modified and which guarantee the total absence of hormone treatments in cows, or the use of food chemically treated. As well, family farms, ensuring the quality of the product and the respect of the natural methods of collection and treatment of each raw material used.

The supply of baby milk baby Miltina (baby milk Miltina GMO Free) comprises the Miltina 2 follow-on Milk (for babies over 6 months of age, using the lactose natural as the main hydrate of carbon, including skim milk, 13 vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid, and guaranteeing be gluten free)

And the Miltina Junior Milk of growth (for babies more than 1 year, with protein levels adjusted to the needs of the small, with skimmed milk, iron, folic acid, calcium and zinc, choline, taurine, inositol and 13 main vitamins).

Supply Baby Milk Miltina

Miltina encourages parents to accustom their cachorretes to a meal healthy, varied and balanced, encouraging you to make creative recipes such as milk shake powder Miltina with cocoa, or with fruit (e.g. bananas, rich in potassium).

More products from the range Miltina

In addition to the promotions of baby milk Miltina, at cheap prices, Miltina marketed supplements to treat various pains in babies, such as:

  • Colimil: specially developed by experts in nutrition and pediatricians in order to relieve colic of infants, triggering your metabolism and facilitating digestion. Used in its composition natural elements traditionally used to combat digestive discomfort (constipation, gas, indigestion, heartburn), such as chamomile, lemon balm and fennel.

  • VitaDé: Vitamin D, especially recommended by pediatricians as a food supplement for infants during the first year of life. It is also enriched with DHA.

  • Rotagermine: includes prebiotics and probiotics to combat acute diarrhea in young children, helping the maintenance of a healthy intestinal flora.

  • Melamil: composed at the base of melatonin to induce sleep in the babythe natural way. The use of melatonin in children and adolescents is supported by consensus among the major scientific societies of pediatrics, and sleep.

  • Transitmil: Helps facilitate intestinal transit. Composed by fiber acacia, psyllium, and vitamins.

  • Promil: with silymarin, in this case is designed for the moms to increase breast milk production (in cases of hipogalactia).