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Milks Premature

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  • Blemil Plus Premature 400 g
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    Blemil Premature 400 g

    Ordesa Blemil Premature 400 grams is a milk hipercalorica special for children with many needs from the beginning, this formula meets all their needs and provides them with all the energy they need, the ordesa laboratories take care of your baby from the beginning.milk ideal from the first day to have babies with low weight-for-your formula hipercalorica....

    21,99 €
  • Milk Nan Alprem Premature 400 grams Milk Nan Alprem Premature 400 grams
    Out of stock
    Nan Alprem Premature 400 grams

    This infant formula is designed for preemies.It is a milk that brings extra energy.This dairy product is very rich in carbohydrates and proteins.Is milk good for newborns with weight problems.It is a formula rich in vitamins and minerals.This milk helps the proper physical and mental development of the child.

    19,97 €
  • Fm 85 Nan 70 grams
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    Pre Nan Fm 85 70 grams

    Is a supplement to breast milk.It is a formula for newborn babies of low weight.This milk improves the weight and size of the baby.It is a product rich in vitamins and minerals.It is a formula of easy preparation.This product can be used from birth.

    34,95 €
  • miltina 0 400g miltina 0 400g
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    Miltina 0 Premature 400 g

    Miltina 0 400 grams for premature infants, rich in Lc-pufa, dietary fiber, and nucleotidso is a dietary treatment for premature infants or newborns low weight. Made in Germany.

    9,50 €

The Nutrition of prematurity is one of the most significant aspects for the care, as it is involved in the reduction of morbidity and mortality of infants. The main milk for all newborn is premature or not, it is the mother's milk, as it develops in him a immune system thanks to the colostrum, however, there are multiple causes why you can't proceed to the realization of this technique, either for insufficiency of milk or pathologies in the mother or the neonate.

Then we turn to milk to preterm than ever are best developed. This milk helps in the growth of the baby thanks to the nutrients similar to the milk produced by the mother, in addition, provides a neurodevelopmental and cognitive totally natural. Making him a child leads a healthy life.

Medical indications for the use of milk, premature

  • Mother with insufficient obtaining breast milk.
  • Mother carrying HIV.
  • Newborn with hypoglycemia.
  • Newborn with acute lesions of water, hyperthermia, and hypernatremia.
  • Newborn with low birth weight which conditions require milks artificial.
  • Newborn with metabolic diseases.
  • Mother with a mental health condition severe.
  • Mother-in treatment with cytotoxic
  • Mother with addiction to illegal drugs.
  • Mother with viral infections such as chicken pox, herpes simplex of the breast, infectious mononucleosis.

Milk formula for preemies

The infants born with low birth weight, or before 37 weeks may be intolerant to the milk, or simply there are various terms by which the mother can not breastfeed, multiple times childbirth is high risk and the mother is behind the recovery, so you can not put the baby on the breast or to use a breast pump to obtain milk perfect, so you can't give the chest to the small.

Also, Other times the reasons of not being able to take advantage of breastfeeding are found in medications that the mother is given, or in difficulties of the baby to nurse or even to feed by mouth (premature babies often have to be tube-fed), those infants who do not digest breast milk provides them with milk formula.

Milk premature contain more calories than the types to the usual formulas. These types of milks artificial seek to represent the peculiarities of the human milk, in addition, supplemented by some elements that are found in lesser amounts in human milk. Fats and lipids are incorporated by medium-chain triglycerides, which facilitates its absorption.

Carbohydrates are composed by mixtures of lactose and glucose polymers, in addition to have a greater amount of calcium, phosphorus and sodium.

Advantages of providing milk to preterm

  • Any person who is not a mom can be obtained conveniently.
  • You don't have to submit to the extraction of milk in order to maintain production.
  • The milks current special for premature containing the necessary amount of nutrients: nucleotides, prebiotics, fatty acids and vitamins (A, C, And D).
  • The mother does not have to spend hours at the health care center, while the premature on observation, so that you can recover from childbirth.
  • Easy to manage using a bottle, because you can't suck chest, in fact, premature babies that are born with a few weeks of gestation do not know nor can breastfeed, that is why, therefore, should be encouraged with the bottle to provide a strong grip.
  • Amount of milk to premature given Certain premature need more calories than others, and that is enough for the growth of a baby is usually not for the other. There is a certain amount of milk for all infants. The consumption of milk can vary in each shot, despite the variability you can follow some tips such as:
  • Provide 74 ml of formula milk per kg of body weight per day.
  • if your baby weighs 2.7 kg, I suministrarás about 445 ml of formula in a 24-hour period.

Choice of milks premature

  1. The milk must possess the necessary components for preterm infants
  2. Take into account the presentation of the milk in powder, ready to use, or liquid and concentrated
  3. Choose a milk that contain nutrients similar to those of breast milk
  4. You have to take into account that in many cases the milk must be special, for example, the use of special milk for infants with heart disease.
  5. For infants with galactosemia or congenital deficiency of lactose can give you based formulas, soy is also very common in cases where the parents do not require their babies to consume animal milk.

Remember that this election will be of utmost importance for the healthy development of the baby, you have to choose the most appropriate, which may help to reinforce their defenses and immune system, improving digestion, facilitating the movement of the bowel, etc

How often do you provide milks premature?

Most professionals recommend that you do not maintain a strict schedule with the bottle, as with the breastfeeding mother in the first few weeks. A month more or less is that you're going to establish a routine approximate power. At the beginning every two or three hours is what is convenient. The baby will have approximately a month you will be ready to eat on a regular schedule, ensuring that you eat too much.

Do I need to sterilize the water to prepare milks premature?

Not if it's mineral or normal tap water. You should always use mineral water Warms the cold water to a rolling boil. Let it stand at room temperature for a period of 30 minutes, dissolve an appropriate amount of milk to be provided in 24 hours and refrigerate afterwards.

Tips about milks premature

  • Get in touch with other mothers who are supplying milk, artificial to their preterm infants
  • Asks about breastfeeding, for you will find it useful in the first few weeks
  • The doctors and nurses are a good source of help, check with your questions and frequently asked questions. You will know how to respond in a clear and simple way
  • Opt for books, pamphlets, and other resources that will provide knowledge about moms of premature babies
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