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Milk Anticólicos

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  • Damira Digest 800 g
    Damira Digest 800 g

    Damira Digest 800 g The formula anticolico and antiestreñimiento for your baby from the very first day of life, make more pleasant the life of the baby, avoiding the formation of cramps and gas, and encouraging their deposition, complete the diet of your child with a milk most complete on the market. It is a milk formula adapted to the needs of the baby...

    22,50 €
  • Novalac AC 800 g Novalac AC 800 g
    Novalac AC 800 g

    It is a formula for babies from 0 to 12 months. For infants with colic. It has a reduced lactose content. It has high digestibility. Reduces gases. Reduces abdominal distention. Valid from 0-36 months

    21,90 €
  • Almiron Advance Digest 1 AC/AE 800 g
    Almiron Advance Pronutra Digest 1 AC/AE 800 g

    Almiron Advance Pronutra Digest 1 AC/AE 800 g

    25,95 €
  • Almiron Advance Pronutra Digest 2 AC/AE 800 g
    Out of stock
    Almiron Advance Pronutra Digest 2 AC/AE 800 g

    Almiron Advance Pronutra Digest 2 AC/AE 800 g

    19,80 €
  • offer buy Blemil Plus Comfort 800 g offer buy Blemil Plus Comfort 800 g
    Out of stock
    Blemil Confort 800 g

    Blemil Confort 800 g it is the Anticolico milk of laboratorios ordesa special for colic treatments and digestive discomforts, avoiding your well-being, thanks to the palmitic acid and to the carob seed prevents constipation and regurgitation in babies.

    26,99 €
  • Nidina Premium 1 Comfort Digest 800 g
    Out of stock
    Nidina Comfort Digest 1 800 g

    Nidina 1 Comfort Digest 800 g is the milk start to infants from the first day that by the presence of protein, hydrolyzed promotes digestion, it has thanks to potato starch and vegetable oils, an improving effect on digestion and well-being of the baby. New presentation of the 2017 final. The same quality and the same formula for infants of laboratories...

    17,99 €
  • Miltina Bc Digest, 800 g
    Out of stock
    Miltina Bc Digest, 800 g

    Miltina Bc Digest 800 grams is a milk formula for treating dietary in case of intestinal disorders mild colicky baby's, with a lipid structure and with a reduced content in lactose, contains hydrolyzed proteins.

    17,66 €
  • Nutriben Comfort Ac Ae 800 g
    Out of stock
    Nutriben Comfort Ac Ae 800 g

    Nutriben Comfort Ac Ae 800 g First milk of the market in the care of the baby Anticolico and Antiestreñimiento Without palm oil. Specially formulated to treat problems in the feeding of infants such as colic or constipation problems. Is the 1 Formula for the Spanish market, made without palm oil.

    22,95 €

The majority of the parents who have young children, they happen at times heartbreaking knowing that your child is having symptoms such as redness of the face, gas drinks, uncontrollable crying and shrinkage of both legs, this means that you are suffering from colic. Thanks to the Milk Anticólicos parents will have the opportunity of ending up with cramping of their children, by the use of the same.

Treatment of colic infant

Milk anticólicos: These formulas are of benefit to the baby, as they contain proteins completely hydrolyzed to facilitate and improve the digestibility and some of them contain lesser amounts of lactose, which is replaced by maltodextrin, these are not pre-need enzymes for assimilation.

Have a low amount of lactose in their formulation, with which it is digested and better absorbed, so as to prevent the gas in the abdomen that occurs in the colon fermentation, changes in triglycerides, to facilitate the evacuation of stool; and addition of substances that create intestinal flora healthy.

When the colic is secondary to esophageal reflux, the viscosity and density of the formulations by the addition of thickeners such as flour from the seeds of carob tree, it has higher efficacy in reducing the vomiting.

Prebiotics are food ingredients that are not digestible, with beneficial effects for its ability to stimulate the growth and activity of one or more limited bacteria in the colon and thus improve host health. The prebiotics used in infant feeding are:

The fructooligosaccharides (FOS), the formulas have FOS, with the purpose of achieving an effect in a control group, and a higher proportion of β-palmitate. The modification of the amount of fat is carried out in the form of MCT. All of these changes are aimed to solve digestive discomfort of a minor nature.

Enrichment of fiber in the diet. It is based on a hypothesis of etiological it is not confirmed, that the colic infant is similar to irritable bowel syndrome, has studied the addition of fiber in the diet is to say, systematic review, not found a beneficial effect.

Symptoms of colic in the infant, for which you need Milks Anticólicos

  • Most of the babies who have colic, have common symptoms such as:
  • Alteration in the suction.
  • Decrease in hours of sleep.
  • Abdominal distention, this means that you have the swollen belly.
  • Redness of the face.
  • Constipation.
  • Gases.
  • Weeping sudden, that comes to make inconsolable for the parents.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Vomiting.

Diagnosis of colic infant, to be able to give Milk Anticólicos - Always Pediatrician -

There is No consensus, nor specific tests, or studies to be able to make a specific diagnosis of the code of the infant. However the criteria of Wessel are the most used and successful.

  • Crisis of inconsolable crying of less than 3 months old.
  • The duration of crying for more than 3 hours per day
  • You must be more than 3 days per week for more than 3 weeks.

Fundamental data for the anamnesis:

  • Crying child: In the colic infant, crying occurs suddenly, is not related to feeding or any activity that you perform the nursing infant, has a duration of more than three hours a day, with persistence and no consolation whatsoever.
  • Parents do when baby cries: There are several techniques that make the child calm. Or inappropriate and harmful actions to the child in case of colic as irritability with the child, to feed every time they cry.
  • That takes, as is the sleep of the infant: In the colic of the baby, the rhythm bowel is normal. The child can take as much breast milk as the artificial, sleep patterns did not differ with the infant normal
  • As it feeds the infant: It must discard the underfeeding, that is not the cause of the CL, not overfeeding, which has been described as a possible cause.
  • How it affects the family dynamic the crying of the child: The interplay of family dynamics and of the colic of the baby is very complex. Since it is possible that the cause of the colic infant is the alteration of the dynamics or the other way around.
  • To that attributed to the parents, the crying of the child: it Is necessary that parents have, and argues that causes of crying in fear. You have to inform us of the kindness and self-limiting symptoms. To do this, it is good to give an instruction sheet explaining the symptoms and the measures that should be taken.

How to comfort your baby when present colic, once given the milk anticolicos?

  • When he drinks this awake, put baby's mouth and rub his back. Only when awake, don't let babies sleep face down, as it is very risky.
  • Give your baby a pacifier to suck.
  • Wrap your baby snugly in a blanket, that they feel safe.
  • There are some drops which are sold without a prescription and can be of considerable help to reduce gas, as well as the Milk Anticólicos. This medicine is not absorbed by the body and is safe for babies. In another case, a physician can prescribe stronger medications if your baby has severe cramping.
  • Try placing a hot towel or a hot water bottle in the baby's stomach. The temperature has to be bearable and as measured by the parents.
  • Rock the baby gently. Rocking can get to calm him down and help you to remove gases. When babies cry swallow air. This tends to have more gas and more stomach pain, which makes you cry more. So that the babies are in a cycle that is hard to break. You can try with a baby swing if you have at least 3 weeks old, and can hold his head.
  • Put the baby in a car and go for a walk.
  • Hold your baby in an upright position. As this will help your baby get rid of gas and reduces gastric acidity.

Milks that prevent the emergence and formation of colic thanks to its formulation, recommended by specialists to avoid the uncomfortable cramping of the infant.

Are milk made by pediatricians and specialized in increasing the traffic of the milk for the baby and so cause them to less discomfort on the stomach. All brands of baby milk at the best price online of non-pharmaceutical chemist.