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Milk Anti-Reflux

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  • Damira Ar 800g Damira Ar 800g
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    Damira Ar 800g

    It is a product anti-regurgitation.Ideal for children from birth up to 6 months.Avoid vomiting in children.Reduces digestive disorders.Improvement in neurological development.Strengthens the immune system.

    21,80 €
  • Novalac AR 800 g Novalac AR 800 g
    Novalac AR 800 g

    Novalac AR anti-regurgitation 800 grams - it is a milk formulated to avoid or decrease the regurgitations and vomiting of the baby from the first day that cause his discomfort, favors his rest and satisfaction. With the best opinions of specialists and very recomennedada Valid from newborns. Valid from 1 month of life to 12 months.

    21,90 €
  • buy cheap Blemil Plus AR 800 g buy cheap Blemil Plus AR 800 g
    Blemil Ar 800 g

    Blemil Plus AR Anti-Regurgitation 800 g - It is a special milk for babies with regurgitation problems that causes them to assimilate the milk poorly and vomit or easily return the contents of the stomach causing discomfort and bad sensations. 

    24,40 €
  • Novalac AR Plus 800 g Novalac AR Plus 800 g
    Novalac AR Plus 800 g

    Novalac AR PLus 800 grams is a formula specially designed for infants and children with regurgitation important and recurring. With proven and made with the best quality of life and comfort for the baby and their parents. It is a formula prepared from newborn until your baby's pediatrician's discretion and is valid for up to 36 months.

    21,90 €
  • nutriben ar 2 900 grams nutriben ar 2 900 grams
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    Nutriben AR 2 800 g

    Nutriben ar 2 800gEs the milk antiregurgitación laboratories alter, thanks to the seed of the carob tree that thickens the formula, makes it more consistent by avoiding reflux and vomiting in infants.

    18,21 €
  • nan ar expert 800 grams
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    Nan AR 800 g

    Nestlé Nan AR 800 grams is the formula of nestlé to problems of regurgitation in infants are solved with potato starch and lactose it with bifidus to improve the digestive system and decrease diarrhea, protects against allergies. Same formula nidina ar and cheaper

    20,20 €
  • Miltina Ar 400 g
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    Miltina Ar 400 g

    Miltina Ar 400 g a formula antiregurgitación intended for special medical purposes, made in germany are what you can give to your baby from the very first day. You must use the spoon contained in the bottle, which corresponds to 4.4 grams per tablespoon. It is a formula to treat vomiting or regurgitation baby's physiological problems, must be recommended...

    12,50 €

During the first three months of life, babies tend to have a certain amount of reflux, which is normal as long as it is not frequent, however, this does not mean the parents the concern of how to solve this problem.

Reflux means that the content that you have in your stomach, your esophagus, causing you to spit up. For this there are the milk anti-reflux which are developed with the aim of reducing the reflux disease in infants, helping them have a better nutrition.

What are the milks reflux?

The formulas reflux is a milk that has been produced with different special modifications for the improvement of reflux, inside of which are the following:

  • Addition of casein: it Is a protein that has beef, in addition, it contains essential amino acids are of great contribution to infant feeding, for the development of muscle and the immune system. This protein is added to the formula reflux for property precipitation (rapid accumulation or curd), which presents thus helping to improve the pictures of reflux.
  • Disminución the amount of fat in the formula: what is meant with this is to try to speed up the process of digestion by reducing the fatty acids.
  • The increase of the thickness of the milk: The inclusion of items thickeners in the formulas help to reduce reflux. But in the cases that are acute esophagitis is contraindicated, as the thick liquids take longer to go down the esophagus. Used mostly thickeners, as it is the starch of rice, corn, and seeds of carob tree in order that the milk antiregurgitaciones to settle well in the stomach.

The ideal treatment is to start with general measures reflux, measures postural:

  • Placing the child in the left lateral decubitus.
  • Elevate the head of the crib with a tilt of 30°.
  • To keep the baby sitting in the porta-baby (even to sleep).
  • Do not use tight-fitting clothing, waistbands, belts, or to make efforts abs.

When choosing milk reflux should be taken into account:

Do not be carried away by the marketing of the product. As you already know, the milk reflux is quite beneficial in infants to prevent the vomiting continued, however, so it is advisable to consult with the doctor before you decide to change the formula.

The pediatrician is the one who will be able to determine if the milk reflux is right for your baby. In some cases it will be necessary to perform more in depth tests. The pediatrician may refer your baby to a gastroenterologist for possible diagnostic tests such as endoscopy, studies with probes PH, and x-rays.

How to use milk reflux

In some cases it is recommended to mix the milk reflux with the formula normal, but what is more important is to beat it well and then not be accumulations of thickness that can obstruct the passage of the milk.
You have to take into account the measures of the teats to use. Since milk thickened does not flow very well through teats girls and this can make your baby stress. It is very good option to use a bottle wide mouth with nipples, round three positions, because these allow them to drink a greater passage of food when you turn the bottle in the different positions.

Characteristics of the different formulas-reflux (AR)

  • Formula with iron for infants with reflux, colic, and constipation.
  • Infant formula thickened powder with iron for healthy infants from birth, presenting gastroesophageal reflux physiological.
  • It has partially hydrolyzed whey protein, and probiotics for healthy infants from birth.
  • Formula for infants from birth until the 6th month of life. Formula is specially indicated to decrease the symptoms of regurgitation and colic child, thanks to the starch content of corn and probiotics.

Causes of reflux in babies

In most cases, babies have reflux for the following cause: the immaturity of their digestive system. The problem tends to be reduced to 6 months, which is when he drinks he starts to be more upright and when you start the diet of solid food, which will be helping you in the process of maturation of their digestive system, making the same can better digest the milk.

If after 6 months don't stop spitting up and vomiting episodes, that is when the reflux is considered pathological, and this may be mild or severe.

It is important to know that only a pediatrician, is the one that can give an accurate diagnosis. When he drinks any of these symptoms occur frequently, it is necessary that you first consult your pediatrician, to perform the relevant tests required, and set the most appropriate treatment.

When the reflux of the infant is serious

The reflux becomes a real concern when you return the food from the stomach to the esophagus, is poured into the air duct. Because that cause asthma, breathing problems, pneumonia and in some cases the syndrome of sudden infant death. Most of the time the drugs are effective, this means that, in a few cases, you get to indicate surgery.

Symptoms of the baby suffering from reflux

  1. The baby cries for no reason apparently and with persistence, as the reflux normally comes with part of the gastric juices baby
  2. Has difficulty sleeping, feelings of nausea that experience.
  3. Shown irritable.
  4. There is vomiting after each feeding.
  5. Coughs frequently, it gives arches or refuses to eat.

In consequence of this problem, the baby can reduce weight, its growth can stagnate, and in more severe cases, your baby may suffer from an inflammation in the esophagus, and even an ulcer, due to the excessive accumulation of gastric juices, which directly affect the esophagus.