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Miel de Manuka. Manuka Health

Manuka honey. Manuka Health manuka honey from new zealand at the best price to buy online, the price of manuka honey with the best reviews.

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The brand Manuka is becoming a niche in the market of natural medicine , by its own merits because of that bet on a fair trade, a collection of handicraft and a protection of the Environment to ensure that its products are free of contaminants but also that neither the plants nor the animals involved in the products to be produced have suffered stress or conditions deserving of criticism of life.

What is Manuka honey?

The trademark Manuka Health comes from New Zealand, and their area of collection is one of the few virgin forests that still live on in our planet. Manuka Health is concerned to follow the traditional patterns that aboriginal people have been carrying out for thousands of years, to ensure the protection of the beautiful wilderness environment of its mountains that are so well caught by the director of the Saga of the Lord of The Rings, to shoot there for a large part of their sequences.

In this way, buy Manuka supposed to immerse yourself in these lush forests, to come to collect the honey tasty, full of nutritional properties. Not in vain, many analyses independent pharmacologic have praised the purity of Manuka honey. And is that, as in an adventure movie, thanks to these analyses it has been found that Manuka Health Honey has a secret ingredient that gives them some antibacterial properties unique. This is an item made by the bees of a plant exclusive of the virgin forests of New Zealand.

manuka honey and helicobacter pylori

The Leptospermum Scoparium, as well as it is technically called, is a shrub of the family of the Myrtacéa, which grows in the wild state in the area of Tasmania. It has an enzyme that helps to effectively prevent and fight infection by Helicobacter Pylori, a bacterium that contributes to the development of many digestive disorders such as dyspepsia, gastritis, ulcers in stomach and duodenum, etc, Not only the battle, but that calm the pain associated with them.

It was professor Thomas Henle, University of Dresden (Germany) and his group of scientific research in the year 2008 they discovered, after several analyses, the incredible power anti-bacterial honey Maluka was precisely the natural substance activates the Methylglyoxal C3H4O2 captured by honey bees of the plant referred to, known by the natives as “Manuka”.

Manuka honey properties and contraindications

Researching in fact, they discovered that, historically, Manuka Honey was a traditional remedy in the folk medicine of the Māori (indigenous New Zealand), the use of dressings Manuka for the treatment of burns, insect bites, infections, and even war wounds of his warriors.

Because of this, Manuka Health sells honey in different formats and concentrations, either to prevent and combat coughs and colds, or for use as a natural antibacterial, without contradiction, in order to strengthen our natural defenses.

How to take manuka honey?

Due to its composition and the absence of additives, Manuka Health Honey is good for diabetics because of its low sugar content. As with everything, it is important not to abuse as small amounts of Manuka honey offers a perfect protection against colds, flu and other bacterial infections. It can be used, consumed, or as a dressing (topical use).

Of the virgin forests of the remote New Zealand until their hands, are you going to resist this delicious and healthy elixir from the gods that has traditionally been regarded Manuka Honey for the indigenous Maori?.

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