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Metarecod 40 Sachets


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  • Presentation of 40 envelopes.
  • Biodegradable formula.
  • Suitable for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.
  • Improves the balance of cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels.
  • Favors abdominal circumference values.
  • Totally natural composition.

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What is Metarecod 40 Envelopes?

Metarecod 40 Sachets it is a treatment specially formulated to fight against the metabolic syndrome and to collaborate with the conservation of the balance of 1 or more metabolic parameters of the organism, such as cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels.

With its consumption, an improvement in the abdominal circumference totals is generated, since it has been made with a totally natural formulation and generates its results by changing the physical characteristics of the intestinal contents.

At Buy these sachets will be acquiring a formulation that decreases the deposit of fats and carbohydrates, causing their absorption to be carried out imperceptibly and decreases the total amount absorbed to generate improvements in their use.

¿By What To Buy Metarecod 40 Sachets in Pharmacy Market?

They are specially formulated sachets to effectively combat the metabolic syndrome, while improving the balance of the intestinal flora, resulting in a faster and more constant improvement of metabolic functions.

Its components favor intestinal transit, normalizing it, while collaborating with the expulsion of fats and carbohydrates from the body, preventing the reabsorption of bile acids to rebalance circulating cholesterol levels.

It can be purchased at a wonderful Price since it has been made with a viscosity that generates a barrier between the intestinal contents and the mucosa, causing an improvement in its care and favors the use of nutrients by the liver.

With its regular consumption, an improvement is generated in the normalization of glycemia, cholesterolemia, triglyceridemia levels and a noticeable reduction in abdominal circumference, resulting in excellent results in the figure.

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In our parapharmacy these envelopes they have Offer that they will help fight against the metabolic syndrome and achieve the conservation of the rebalancing of 1 or more metabolic parameters that are usually altered.

It can be consumed by men and women who have cholesterol, triglyceride and high levels, while its intake is recommended by men with a  abdominal circumference greater than 94 cm and in women with measurements greater than 80 cm.

Benefits of Metarecod 40 Sachets

Metarecod 40 Sachets it is a treatment that has a formulation that makes the absorption of intestinal contents gradual, improving the balance of the intestinal flora and regulating the rhythm of intestinal transit, causing an improvement in the use of nutrients.

Its formulation has been aimed at improving the elimination of excess fats and carbohydrates, so it can be consumed by normal-weight individuals and its composition does not include stevia, without added sugars, or synthetic sweeteners.

It has been presented with a granulated sachet format and to be consumed by dissolving an sachet in half a glass of water before breakfast and lunch before it is  come back jelly, for a period  from 3 months and its intake can be repeated several times in the year.

Composition of Metarecod 40 Sachets

Neo-polycaptil: natural polysaccharide macromolecular complex based on Oats, Glucomannan, Prickly Pear, Flax Mucilages, Linden and Marshmallow, which forms a stable gel against all pH of the gastro-intestinal tract

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