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Meritene is the ideal complement to energy input extra or lack of appetite, valid also for the states of convalescence, it helps to supplement your diet with all the vitamins, proteins and minerals

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  • Meritene Mobilis 20+10 Pack 30 Sachets
    Meritene Mobilis 20+10 Pack 30 Sachets

    Protects your joints. With collagen + hyaluronic acid. Patented formula Arti-PRO. Contains high-quality proteins 13 vitamins and minerals. Taste very rich Vanilla. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, and manganese.

    30,00 € -30.15% 20,96 €
  • Meritene Cafe decaffeinated coffee 15 sachets box and on Meritene Cafe decaffeinated coffee 15 sachets box and on
    Meritene Cafe decaffeinated coffee 15 sachets

    Meritene Cafe decaffeinated coffee 15 sachets dietary supplement your diet with all the vitamins and minerals you need in deficiency states. With milk or water.

    20,00 € -20.25% 15,95 €
  • Meritene Drink Chocolate 125ml 6 Units
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Meritene Drink Chocolate 125ml 6 Units

    Meritene Drink Chocolate 125ml 6 Units a format to make a smoothie daily to complete with 11, proteins 17 vitamins and minerals, a source of vitamins B2 and B6, with a pleasant taste of chocolate you will be able to take you anywhere. I've always tara before use in order to take Oviedo cold or at room temperature. Lasts for 24 hours once opened. You'll be...

    12,00 € -29.1417% 8,50 €
  • Meritene Drink Vanilla 125 ml 6 Units
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Meritene Drink Vanilla 125 ml 6 Units

    Meritene Drink Vanilla 125 ml 6 Units covers all the needs thanks to its high content in proteins, vitamins and minerals is a source of vitamins B2 and B6, with high protein content of milk up to 11.5. Gluten-free. Holds up to 24 hours out of the fridge once opened. A great supplement to your daily food, what makes you cover all the needs of your body.

    12,00 € -29.1417% 8,50 €
  • Meritene Neutral 7 Envelopes
    -2,61 €
    Meritene Neutral 7 Envelopes

    Meritene Neutral 7 Envelopes a natural way of contribution of all the vitamins and minerals with no flavor added to it. A great formula to improve your day-to-day and to complement your diet in an optimal way and properly. Recommended by Geriatricians and family doctors.

    10,95 € -2,61 € 8,34 €
  • Meritene Junior Vanilla 30 Envelopes Duplo
    Meritene Junior Vanilla 30 Envelopes Duplo

    Meritene Junior Vanilla 15 Envelopes Duplo Offer a pack of 30 sachets distributed in a 2 pack original meritene junior vanilla, ideal for back to school is a price and offer you can't refuse to buy meritene junior vanilla on offer. Covers all the needs from the age of 3 in their daily nutritional needs, sports and study covered by this formula sales leader.

    30,00 € -38.3267% 18,50 €
  • Meritene Chocolate 15 envelopes Meritene Chocolate 15 envelopes
    Meritene Chocolate 15 envelopes

    Meritene Chocolate 15 envelopes, when used as a nutritional supplement for deficiency states in states of fatigue or the need of this vitamin, protein and minerals.

    20,00 € -20.25% 15,95 €
  • Meritene Vanilla Fiber 14 envelopes
    Meritene Vanilla Fiber 14 envelopes

    Meritene Fiber Vanilla Milkshakes are the nutritional supplement ideal for deficiency states with intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals and is an ideal complement to regulate the intestinal transit because it improves the balance of bacterial flora even in Diabetics, and pregnant women.

    20,00 € -16.015% 16,80 €
  • Meritene vanilla 15 envelopes Meritene vanilla 15 envelopes
    Meritene Vanilla 15 envelopes

    Meritene Vanilla 15 envelopes are smoothies multivitaminicos ideal as a complement vitamico, protein and mineral of a poor diet, for deficiency states, fatigue or malnutrition are the perfect complement Valid for pregnant women. Gluten-free. Without added sugars.

    20,00 € -20.25% 15,95 €
  • Meritene Immuno 21 Envelopes
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Meritene Immuno 21 Envelopes

    Novelty October 2020. Formula with amino acids patented. Increases Production of Glutathione. Powerful antioxidant that STRENGTHENS the immune system. 1 About daily. Taste Limon. WITHOUT SUGAR GLUTEN-FREE LACTOSE-FREE

    24,95 € -16.012% 20,96 €
  • Meritene Junior Chocolate 30 envelopes Duplo
    Meritene Junior Chocolate 30 envelopes Duplo

    Meritene Junior Chocolate 15 envelopes Duplo 30 envelopes to complete the diets of children and small. It provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    30,00 € -38.3205% 18,50 €
  • Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings
    Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings

    Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings is perfect to complete the food and beverage, daily and so to get a full contribution of 11 protein, 21 vitamins and minerals. With an easy solution. Are protein quality formulated without sugars, fat free, and Gluten-free. It adds flavour, colour or sweetener.

    17,50 €
  • Meritene Strawberry 15 envelopes Meritene Strawberry 15 envelopes
    Meritene Strawberry 15 envelopes

    Meritene Shakes Strawberry are the ideal complement for the lack of appetite and convalescence in addition to complemantar your food with the vitamins, protein and minerals necessary for your proper development. container 15 sachets VALID IN PREGNANT women

    20,00 € -20.25% 15,95 €
  • Meritene Chocolate Fiber 14 envelopes
    Meritene Chocolate Fiber 14 envelopes

    Meritene Fiber Smoothies Chocolate is the complement of input energy that also regulates the intestinal transit of your body and improve balance of flora by providing you with the vitamins, proteins and minerals needed on a few states of decay, or fatigue. Valid in Diabetic and Pregnant

    22,00 € -23.65% 16,80 €
  • Meritene Junior Vanilla 15 Envelopes
    Meritene Junior Vanilla 15 Envelopes

    Meritene Junior Vanilla A Meritene Junior Smoothies dissolved in a glass of whole milk covers more than 30% of the protein needed daily, for children to partior of 1 year, are advised to medium on

    14,95 € -36.4281% 9,50 €
  • Meritene Junior Chocolate 15 envelopes
    -8,13 €
    Meritene Junior Chocolate 15 envelopes

    Meritene Junior Chocolate 15 Envelopes a complement of vitamins and minerals to the diet of your child. Complete your diet an efficient and effective manner.

    17,50 € -8,13 € 9,37 €
  • Meritene Mobilis 20 Envelopes Meritene Mobilis 20 Envelopes
    Meritene Mobilis 20 Envelopes

    Meritene Mobilis 20 Envelopes are 20 envelopes of the new formula of meritene to full meals daily, bringing an improvement in your daily life. It is a formula very full that melts in your mouth. New image

    25,00 € -20.184% 19,95 €
  • Pronourish Optifibre 250 g
    Out of stock
    Pronourish Optifibre 250 g

    Pronourish Optifibre 250 g is a help of daily intake of fiber with a neutral taste, it is perfect to control and regulate, and is 100 percent plant. It is very easy to include it in your routine daily, thanks to its neutral flavor and also you can add it to food and drinks both hot and cold. With ladle meter is simple to attach to any texture.

    15,00 € -10.044% 13,50 €
  • Meritene Chocolate Duplo 30 Envelopes offer Meritene Chocolate Duplo 30 Envelopes offer
    Out of stock
    Meritene Chocolate Duplo 30 Sachets

    Meritene Chocolate Duplo 30 Sachets is a pack of 2 units of Meritene 15 sachets each, with a saving in the purchase of a 2 per cent in the second unit is perfect as a monthly treatment because they cover the entire month. It is full and supplementing the diet since your first use.

    34,95 € -11.4259% 30,95 €
  • Meritene Regeneris 20 envelopes Duplo Savings
    Out of stock
    Meritene Magnesium Potassium Orange 20 Envelopes

    Meritene Magnesium Potassium 20 Envelopes with magnesium and potassium, which are essential in your life, helps restore vitality and muscle tone, and antioxidants. With magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, coenzyme q10, resveratrol and lutein With Orange flavor, are an ideal complement. Take 1 sachet a day.

    13,95 € -39.0379% 8,50 €
  • Meritene Cafe decaffeinated Duplo 30 envelopes offer Meritene Cafe decaffeinated Duplo 30 envelopes offer
    Out of stock
    Meritene Cafe decaffeinated Duplo 30 sachets

    Meritene Cafe decaffeinated Duplo 30 envelopes novelty container-saving two original bottles of 15 sachets each. A temporary offer of Nestle meritene at a great price. New image of Strength and vitality, the same composition that Senior active. Valid on pregnant

    35,00 € -11.56% 30,95 €
  • Meritene Vanilla Duplo 30 Sachets composition Meritene Vanilla Duplo 30 Sachets composition
    Out of stock
    Meritene Vanilla Duplo 30 Envelopes offer

    Meritene Vanilla Duplo 30 Envelopes offer a promo pack of meritene vanilla 15 envelopes, a pack online only for a limited time where you can save. With all the vitamins to supplement your diet and all the energy that carries the nutritional supplementation leader. You will find it at a great discounted price.

    40,00 € -22.615% 30,95 €

Meritene is a range of shakes, supplement or nutritional shakes, which belong to the Laboratories, Nestlé, a pioneering company that has more than 40 years in the market of nutritional.

The range Meritene contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that allow the consumer to supplement the diet, to stay satisfied and energized without succumbing to fatigue, tiredness or feeling of muscle weakness.

Meritene comes in a presentation soluble enough practice to ingest proteins and minerals that the body needs. Does not contain sweeteners and can be consumed by young people and adults. In addition, it has the range Meritene price is quite accessible.

meritene batidos

Meritene shakes, chocolate is an option delicious that will allow you to increase the development of lean muscle mass and achieve your ideal weight without much effort.

Meritene shakes strawberry gives you a high content of proteins and helps regulate the functions of the digestive system.

Meritene shakes coffee is a different option that gives the body the energy and strength you need on a daily basis. Is a smoothie with low fat and no cholesterol.

Meritene shakes vanilla does not contain gluten, and is a healthy option, and effective for maintaining healthy bones. In addition, the Price Meritene is low for the consumer.

Benefits of Meritene

The range Meritene is safe for all people, especially for those who are celiac, since none of the components of Meritene comes from rye, wheat or barley.

The range of smoothies Meritene does not contain gluten, sucrose or cholesterol, which makes it a suitable product to supplement the diets of people who follow a balanced diet, pregnant women or athletes.

Meritene is an excellent option for people who have degenerative problems or lack of joint flexibility, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, among others.
Smoothies Meritene are the best option for vitality and energy before or after a workout. Vitamins and minerals reduce fatigue, tiredness, and allow the muscles and bones are kept in optimal conditions.

Meritene is approved nutritionally, its formula has been developed by experts in the field of food production, and there is currently a large number of people who consume Meritene Shakes for their proven benefits, and its varied flavors.

The Price Meritene is another of its benefits, since it is pretty cheap for the budget of any individual, which allows them to make an investment in your health that will improve their quality of life and performance.

The shakes Meritene can be used in people who wish to complement the food you already have, because that gives you the amount of vitamins and minerals that the body needs and that you don't always get it with food.

The shakes Meritene are delicious and varied flavors that allow the consumer to choose the one of your preference. In addition, the shakes Meritene Price more affordable if you get them by pharmacies and parapharmacies online.

The range Meritene is very easy to consume, it is digested quickly by the body and helps to improve gastrointestinal function. Meritene allows you to stay at a healthy weight, which helps to prevent disease due to obesity.

Some pharmacies and parapharmacies have special deals with the range Meritene, so you can purchase the shakes Meritene Price much more accessible to your economic potential.
Meritene is effective in those people who have lost their appetite, feel weakness, fatigue, or tiredness.

Also, can be used by convalescents who require a feeding liquid or soft that will provide the necessary nutrients.

So don't think twice, acquired at the best Price Meritene in any of their presentations in pharmacies and parapharmacies your confidence and enjoy a healthy, delicious, and balanced.

Features of Meritene

Meritene Shakes has been prepared under strict standards food to guarantee the consumer a dietary supplement safe and effective. Smoothies Meritene contain vitamins and minerals that provide your body with the following benefits:

  • Iron, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C: brings strength and vitality, helping you to decrease fatigue or fatigue due to intense exercise or nutritional deficiency.

  • Meritene contains Calcium and Vitamin D which are vitamins needed for the body. These vitamins will allow you to keep in optimal condition for bones, teeth, and muscles.

  • Other vitamins such as Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin A, C, and D allow the immune system to work properly avoiding the virus or bacteria to invade the body. In addition, it helps rapid healing of wounds and tissue to keep it healthy.

  • The folic acid present in the shakes of Meritene will help the formation of cells essential for the body. Likewise prevents boxes anemic and keeps the skin healthy.

  • In addition, the folic acid helps to prevent or control high blood pressure, prevents depressive and decreases by up to 85%, the risk of coronary heart disease.

Indications of Meritene

Any of the shakes Meritene can be prepared with whole milk or low fat milk. For this, you must dilute 200 ml of milk 1 sachet of Meritene in a glass and mix the contents until it's diluted completely.
Other options to take the shakes, Meritene are the applesauce, yogurt, or directly on the food to go to eat before being served.

It is recommended to take Meritene shakes between one to two times a day, preferably half an hour before your usual meal or after exercise. You can take any of your submissions (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, decaf), hot or cold.

It is recommended to take Meritene accompanied by a balanced diet and doing exercises. Remember not to replace any of your main meals, as Meritene is not a meal replacement, but a supplement.

Meritene does not have a time limit to be consumed, which may take any of their smoothies every day without having to interrupt the ingestion of these. In those people who have a unwanted weight loss should be re-evaluated with a nutritionist.

Do not administer Meritene to children, as it is a food supplement exclusive to be ingested by adults. Keep Meritene in a dry and cool place. Do not exceed the indicated dosage.

Preguntas frecuentes de Meritene

Meritene es una gama de suplementos a tu dieta ya que contiene proteínas de alto valor biológico y calidad asi como 13 Vitaminas imprescindibles.

Meritene es una marca de laboratorios Nestlé, creando conociendo las necesidades del cuerpo humano para cubrir todas las necesidades en vitaminas y minerales con cuerpo necesita diario. Dispones de 4 sabores para tomar un sobre diario y completar una dieta saludable.

Meritene ofrece gran variedad de sabores como complementos para tu dieta diaria. Meritene batidos de varios sabores, chocolate, vainilla, fresa y cafe descafeinado. También podrás encontrar Complementos ricos en colágeno como meritene mobilis.

Meritene es un suplemento a la dieta para completar una dieta saludable con todas las necesidades nutricionales diarias.

Meritene es perfecto como un complemento diario de alimentación. Es una forma estudiada por profesionales para cubrir las necesidades tanto de vitaminas como de minerales un cuerpo necesita para su desarrollo diario.
Dispones de 4 sabores muy conseguidos como chocolate, Vainilla, Cafe descafeinado y Fresa.

Meritene suplemento a tu dieta con uno o dos batidos al día según las necesidades de cada persona. Mezclado con leche semidesnatada agua o otras variedades de leche.

La dosis diaria de meritene es un solo batido o dos al día según las necesidades aunque podrás consultar con especialistas si debes de tomar más para tu suplementación diaria.

Podrás tomar meritene siempre que quieras cubrir una necesidad diaria que no haces con la dieta.
Meritene está pensado para gente mayor con necesidades nutricionales, personas mal comedoras que no cubren las necesidades diarias o bien no les gusta comer carne o pescado qué es necesario para una alimentación correcta.
También está diseñado para épocas de convalecencia épocas donde las necesidades son mayores no tiene apetencia por la comida.
Épocas también de estrés o de exámenes donde el cuerpo se le exige un mayor rendimiento.
Para todos estos tipos de casos podrás tomar tanto un batido o dos al día para completar tu dieta.

Podrás comprar meritene aquí barato y al mejor precio con toda la gama de sabores y en oferta de formatos duplo.

En Farmacia Market pueden opinar y consultar las opiniones verificadas de usuarios reales de esa marca.

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