Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings


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Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings it is perfect to complete the daily food and drink and thus get a full supply of 11 proteins, 21 vitamins and minerals. With easy dissolution. They are quality proteins formulated without sugars, without fat and without Gluten. It does not provide flavor, color or sweetener.

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Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings it is a food made in powder, especially for the use of adults from 50 years that is when the body is affected by changes due to aging.

It was designed through a simple formula with which it is possible to acquire high quality proteins, to contribute to the bone functioning of the body in addition to vitamins and minerals with which they manage to eradicate fatigue and tiredness in a large number.

This food provides an aid generating a conservation of muscle mass, energy and bone health of the elderly, in this way it generates strength and vitality to maintain an active lifestyle.

Preparation Mode of Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings

To prepare Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings it should be added in four scoops the food of 24g in 250ml of liquid which later must be stirred until reaching the total dissolution of the powder and it will be ready for consumption.

After being prepared if it is not going to be consumed at the moment it should be stored with its lid taking into account that its duration will be approximately 24 hours.

Buying any product from meritone perfectly complement your diet with a supplement multivitamin very complete.

Recommended Dose of Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings

Meritene Proactive 408g 17 it can be consumed in portions of two daily since, it is recommended to maintain a varied diet and at the same time that it is balanced, it must be accompanied by exercises in order to maintain a vital and healthy body.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not a food in itself therefore, it should only be taken to supplement meals and not as one of them.

Benefits of Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings

It is made specifically for use in people with an age of 50 years and older because, thanks to the NutriActive formula, it provides guaranteed results, providing help in the changes that happen by age, due to the combination it contains:

  1. Vitamins and minerals, which help provide energy.
  2. High quality proteins and magnesium, which guarantee to maintain muscle tone.
  3. Calcium and vitamin D, which promote bone health.

In addition to these advantages the food is of neutral flavor so it can be added in any product without the concern that its flavor changes, for example: yogurt, dairy, drinks, sauces, purees, among others helping to complement meals

Recommendations when Using the Meritene Proactive 408 g 17 Servings

It should be used in a life with an active physical environment since it causes an increase in muscle mass so that whoever consumes it will be able to look and feel better, thus causing the best care and providing magnificent results.

Not only should exercise be performed, but this should be accompanied by a balanced and varied diet to achieve its purpose; because it must be taken into account that it is not a substitute for food if not a supplement to them.

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