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Menstrual Cup Intimina

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  • Intimina menstrual Cup size Small
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    Intimina menstrual Cup size Small

    This product is indicated for teens It can be used for 12 continuous hours with absolute confidence. Can be used if there is menstrual flow normal. It is a reusable product. It is designed with silicone material. This cup gives no allergy or irritant.

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  • Intimina menstrual Cup Size B Large
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    Intimina menstrual Cup Size B Large

    It is ecological.It can be used for 12 continuous hours with absolute confidence.It is a reusable product.It is designed with silicone material.This cup gives no allergy or irritant.It is for use in all women.

    29,95 € -31.5461% 20,50 €
  • Intimina Menstrual Cup-Lily Cup Compact Small
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    Intimina Menstrual Cup Compact Small

    This cup does not absorb, collect the menstrual fluid.Menstrual period without odors or irritating.You have the touch with a velvety texture.It is a cup of silicone material ultra softIt is a cup, foldable and reusable.

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  • Intimina Menstrual Cup-Lily Cup Compact Large B
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    Intimina Menstrual Cup Compact Large B

    Are cups menstrual reusable.They are made of silicone, ultra-soft.Do not absorb the menstrual fluid, but you can pick it up.Respect the balance intimate.Does not cause dryness associated with tampons.Are glasses of hypoallergenic materials.

    29,95 € -19.9045% 23,99 €
  • Intimina Lily Cup One
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    Intimina Lily Cup One Menstrual Cup

    Is a menstrual cup for beginners.This is made of medical grade silicone.They are ultra soft and reusable.It is small in size.It is safe and reliable.It is pink in color.

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  • Intimina Lily Cup Ziggy Cup
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    Intimina Ziggy Cup Menstrual Cup

    Are cups menstrual reusable and eco-friendly They are made of silicone, ultra-soft. The only cup that you can use during sex. Up to 12 hours of protection continued Flat design for total comfort. Are glasses of hypoallergenic materials.

    40,00 € -21.0421% 31,58 €

The Menstrual Cup Intimina it has presented a change in the structure of the shape of the cup that exists so far, since it has developed a format that is better suited to the body of the woman and uses a thinner, malleable and soft medical grade silicone.

This brand presents a vision that makes the difference in the market, since it has been the first folding menstrual cup on the market, made with a magnificent material that does not generate side effects and with characteristics that make it an excellent option for any woman.

This line of menstrual cups has been transformed into a choice that brings a lot of benefits to any woman who uses it, since it is the result of years of research and the search for innovative changes that favor those who use them.

What are the benefits provided by using Intimina Menstrual Cup are there?

There are numerous Intimina Menstrual Cup Reviews in which they highlight their large number of benefits:

  • It does not matter if the woman has a heavy menstruation, since this cup has been designed to effectively capture the entire flow for up to a period of 12 hours.
  • It has no applicator, but it is placed in a fairly simple way.
  • It can be used while practicing any type of sport, since it adapts very well to the intimate female area.
  • As a result of its durability it can be placed for up to 12 hours, so it can be worn when leaving home and removed when returning, which is removed easily to perform its hygiene in a simple way.
  • It does not generate any deterioration in the cervix, when removed since it has a structure specially designed to protect the intimate area.
  • It has a wonderful cost, since it is quite economic, being able to be acquired easily if there is an advance and you do not take the cup with you.
  • It does not produce a large amount of waste, resulting in reduced ecological impact.

What Intimina Menstrual Cup Sizes are there?

In order to collaborate with the menstrual cup so that it is well attached to the vaginal walls, you must acquire the size that suits each woman in order to prevent it from being noticed or moving causing leaks.

So this brand has three sizes Intimina Menstrual Cup Sizes:

  • Size S: it is recommended to be used by teenagers.
  • Size M: it is suitable for women under 30 years of age, who have not been a mother or have not had a vaginal birth.
  • Size L: it adapts to those women over 30 years, who have been a mother and have had a vaginal birth, while it can be used by those women who usually practice impact sports, such as running.

Each menstrual cup size is aimed at the aforementioned characteristics, so it does not have to do with the volume of flow. In addition, each vagina is different, so you can meet the properties of a size M and if you have leaks you should try another size.

What can happen if you choose intimina Menstrual Cup Sizes incorrectly?

If the Intimina Menstrual cup sizes chosen is not the correct one, leaks may appear or feel that the device slips down, if this is the case you should try a smaller size; although, if a very small one is used, discomfort or problems may appear when removing it.

How to clean or sterilize the Intimina Menstrual Cup?

This cup can be used for up to 12 continuous hours, being recommended that at each time it is extracted, its contents should be emptied and hygiene performed using soap, preferably neutral.

Although, if it is away from home and can not be washed using the sink, it can be reused after cleaning it a little with a toilet paper, but hygiene must be done as soon as you return home.

It is of great importance to sterilize the menstrual cup between each cycle in order to preserve its hygiene, being advisable to put it to boil with water for approximately three minutes.

What benefits has the use of the Intimina Menstrual Cup provided during the pandemic?

During the months of confinement that we have lived, these menstrual cups have become an excellent choice that facilitates the conservation of intimate hygiene.

This product is reusable so it prevents the need to go out to buy towels frequently, causing an improvement in the Intimina Menstrual Cup Reviews convincing those women who were hesitant to use it.

This compulsory confinement generated help for these women to practice, how to use the cup in their own homes, avoiding having to use the public toilet to make changes or test if there are possible leaks because the menstrual cup is not properly placed.

After April 16, in full confinement and state of alarm, this menstrual cup brand registered an increase in online sales in 2020 compared to the period of 2019.

At this stage it was demonstrated that the Menstrual Cup Intimina it earns followers for its multiple benefits and for providing so much security to female intimate health.

How to properly place the Intimina Menstrual Cup?

There are women who do not want to try the menstrual cup because they are afraid of placing it wrongly and suffer losses, so there are several ways to place it, but fundamentally all consist of:

  • Fold it into a C or V shape or it can be rolled up like a tampon and placed in the vagina.
  • Roll it inside to help it open and fit into the vaginal walls.

How do I remove intimina menstrual Cups?

It is advisable to insert the index finger on one side between the cup and the vaginal wall, in order to eliminate the vacuum that can be performed and its extraction is easier, so it should be winged with little pressure in order not to generate any deterioration or sagging.

It is recommended that after locating the cup is not pulled hard, it should be done delicately, using the squat position to make it easier to perform.

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