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Manasul, is a brand of Pharmadus that provides infusions generated from floors completely natural, being driven by this brand by the desire to obtain products of the highest quality, thanks to the creation and comprehensive control of different raw materials.

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  • Chamomile Leonesa 25 Infusions
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    Chamomile Leonesa 25 Infusions

    Presentation of 25 filters. Includes the heart of the flower. Does not include leaves, or stems. Chamomile is pure and clean for the best results. Improves digestion. Favors the concentration of its properties.

    3,00 € -26.6667% 2,20 €
  • Manasul 25 bags
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    Manasul 25 bags

    Variety of plants of the east. It increases the mobility of the bowel. Facilitates intestinal transit. Remove the fat. Eliminates toxins. Effective in constipation problems.

    4,95 € -23.3333% 3,80 €
  • Pennyroyal Mint The Leonese 25 infusions
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    Pennyroyal Mint The Leonese 25 infusions

    Digestive tea. Promotes the recovery of appetite after episodes of diarrhea. Decreases migraines soft that result from digestive disorders. Pack of 25 infusions. Totally natural Filters do not include staples.

    3,00 € -26.6667% 2,20 €
  • Manasul 100 sachets
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    Manasul 100 sachets

    Infusion. Regulates the intestinal transit. Weight Control. Prevents constipation. Eliminates toxins. Improves debugging.

    13,95 € -26.9032% 10,20 €
  • Manasul 50 Sachets
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    Manasul 50 Sachets

    Infusion. Clean the body. Eliminates toxins. Different plants of the east. Rich in principle medicinal. Eliminates problems of obesity.

    10,00 € -35.98% 6,40 €
  • Tila Flower The Leonese 25 infusions
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    Tila Flower The Leonese 25 infusions

    Format of infusion. Content totally natural. Reduces the accumulated tension. Contains 25 infusions. Brings qualities antitusivas. It helps to calm the nerves.

    3,00 € -26.6667% 2,20 €
  • Helps Botanicals Bag ponytail 100g
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    Helps Botanicals Bag ponytail 100g

    Natural component. Ponytail bulk. Provides diuretic properties. Includes 100 grams net. Promotes the elimination of water. Provides an aroma and herbaceous flavor.

    2,99 €

This company has been the result of the effort and dedication of the people who produce excellent products made from medicinal plants and a great responsibility for the health of the people as a result of research and technology.

Each cup is the result of a huge effort to generate innovation and technological development, as well as a detailed choice of raw material, strong quality controls, and lots of care.

What are the early Manasul?

The history of Manasul arises from more than 50 years ago under the last Squire, when I start this small business called infusions The Leonasa, which had as objective to approach the consumer to provide infusions of totally natural.

As time passed, this company became a leading company and its flagship product, Manasul, was the end to give the name in full to the company.

It is not until 2006, when it manages to settle as part of a new company, Laboratories Pharmadus, where they have preserved more than 50 years that the support in the creation of teas and tea.

Why rely on Manasul?

It is a question that is answered in a simple way, is a company that can be trusted due to his extensive experience in the preparation of infusions as it has more than 50 years in the market.

Has the primary goal of foster care is ideal for the body in the most natural, healthy, and effective, so that you will find in this range the solution to a lot of trouble to achieve a day to day lighter.

In addition, it is the brand of reference for all of the people looking for a solution to your bowel problems and to achieve a greater peace of mind when sleeping.

With their infusions, you'll be able to take care of your body in the best way, to enable the agency to debug it and feel a little lighter, your secret lies in its composition is completely natural.

The goal of this company has always been to make products with plants of the highest quality and high efficiency, as a result of their excellent raw materials, fully controlled under strict quality control.

The brand has been able to internationalize to be implemented in the united States, Switzerland, and also in Korea to face new challenges, new markets, with different expectations.

Additionally, you would prefer, in principle, to its suppliers for the purpose of acquiring the best plants and control in detail all of their products during all the process of elaboration.

Still rigorously with the european and national rules in regard to plants, and medicinal products for human use, as the quality of all its products has been tested worldwide and has several international certificates.

How do the products Manasul?

The action that exerts this product is due to the power obtained by the medicinal plants used in their products because of their active principles to reach a simple improvement in the agency.

Their products are made with a dual role of providing excellent care and help you feel well. In addition, they generate great benefits in that moment, in that it requires the reactivation of the organism.

Its ingredients of natural origin, favoring the removal of all that which is found in the body, providing a wonderful feeling of lightness, as these products know how to help.

This brand uses an innovative assortment of medicinal plants are specially selected and include a large amount of active ingredients that benefit the body's functions.

All of the teas from this company, have been developed with the aim of providing a greater care for the most natural on the market, with formats that are conducive to health and benefit the daily functions more effectively and naturally.

What is Manasul Infusion?

The star product is the one that gave the name to the company and it is Manasul tea, the main goal of this product is generating a control in a natural way under the weight of their consumers.

This product is made on the basis of the highest quality components and delivers active substances that exert increased intestinal motility, thus achieving the resolution of the problems of digestive regularity and an improvement in the agency.

Infusions classic of the house, created to take care of you in the most natural way in the market. Three formats of health to facilitate your daily functions with absolute efficiency and the most natural way.

What is Manasul Traditional?

This line is integrated with the infusions classics that have been developed, including components of natural origin, in three formats of health that improve the daily functions more effectively and in a way quite natural.

Have been prepared in a traditional way, with the certification of the family Squire has more than 50 years, manufacturing enjoyable and nourishing herbal tea, which is conducive to the care of the health and well-being of persons with plants the best quality and taste.

What is Manasul Helps?

Helps, a new line of teas that promote the well-being and bring a delicious taste to have an improvement in health.

It has been created with the purpose of that is consumed by people of different ages, whether adults and children, so that they can take advantage of all the benefits of the plants, their botanical have chosen to generate a greater care.

It has been developed thinking about the realization of a cup of tea, with the input of a delicious fragrance and also promotes the respiration, digestion, and the rest at any time of the day.

This line of infusions known as the Helps has been prepared by mixing the art and science of making herbal functional with an excellent taste and quality, that they try and move the same way.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.

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