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Maboo it is a company that is dedicated to marketing generic drugs in Spain, so it has products made with the highest quality to generate the best results in the treatment of various ailments.

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  • Mabo Lipid Plus 60 Tablets Mabo Lipid Plus 60 Tablets
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    Mabo Lipid Plus 60 Tablets

    Presentation in tablets. Food supplement. With Coenzyme Q10. Improves blood cholesterol levels. Decreases cardiovascular risks. Ideal for daily diet.

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  • Mabosueño 30 Gummies Mabosueño 30 Gummies
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    Mabosueño 30 Gummies

    Mabosueño 30 Gummies help you sleep quickly. They contain melatonin + vitamin B6 + passionflower + California poppy + chamomile plus lavender. It effectively helps to decrease the time needed to fall asleep. Indicated for over 13 years. Take a gummy and is 30 minutes before bed. Blackberry flavor.

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  • Mabo Lipid Plus 20 Tablets Mabo Lipid Plus 20 Tablets
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    Mabo Lipid Plus 30 Tablets

    Compressed. Food supplement. Coenzyme Q10. Improves blood cholesterol levels. Decreases cardiovascular risks. It can be consumed daily.

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  • Mabo cyst Forte D Mannose 30 Sachets
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    Mabo cyst Forte D Mannose 30 Sachets

    Mabo cyst Forte D Mannose 30 Sachets

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  • Mabo Melatonina kids 30 Gummies Mabo Melatonina kids 30 Gummies
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    Mabo Melatonina kids 30 Gummies

    Ideal for children over three years old. Suitable dose for young ages. Contains 1 mg of melatonin + vitamin B6 + lemon balm extract. Amazing strawberry flavor. Dose of 1 unit at night. It helps to fall asleep going to bed ready to sleep.

    9,95 € -17.0854% 8,25 €
  • Maboflex Physio Cream 75ml
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    Maboflex Physio Cream 75ml

    Cream for muscle massage. Includes high concentration of active components of plants. contains collagen peptides. Prepares the muscle and ligaments to the realization of daily exercise. Prevents the natural way the muscle and joint pain. Presentation of 75ml.

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  • Mabotuss Kids Strawberry Syrup 150ml Mabotuss Kids Strawberry Syrup 150ml
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    Mabotuss Kids Strawberry Syrup 150ml

    Mabotuss Strawberry Syrup 150ml

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  • Tryptophan Mabo 60 Tablets
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    Tryptophan Mabo 60 Tablets

    Tryptophan Mabo 60 Tablets

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  • Mabo cyst 30 Capsules Mabo cyst 30 Capsules
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    Mabo cyst 30 Capsules

    This exclusive formula contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that help improve the symptoms of cystitis. This formula contains grape peels, a rich source of antioxidants, which help protect the urinary system. This formula contains calendula extract, which helps to relieve the symptoms of cystitis and reduce bladder irritation. This formula...

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  • Maboflex Physio Cream 250ml Size Savings Maboflex Physio Cream 250ml Size Savings
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    Maboflex Physio Cream 250ml Size Savings

    Cream of massage. Includes calendula. Anti-inflammatory. Remove the bruises. Enhances the soft tissues. Treatment of lumbar pain.

    14,95 € -15.7452% 12,60 €
  • Mabo Lipid Plus 90 Tablets
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    Mabo Lipid Plus 90 Tablets

    It is a natural dietary supplement It is composed of a mixture of natural ingredients Helps to improve the lipid profile in the body

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  • Maboflex Collagen Vanilla 375g
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    Maboflex Collagen Vanilla 375g

    Maboflex Collagen Vanilla is a nutritional supplement that contains hydrolyzed collagen and a mixture of vitamins and minerals. It is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of older adults. The hydrolyzed collagen contained in the product helps to improve the health of the skin, joints and bones. In addition, it contains a mixture of vitamins B,...

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  • Maboflex Advanced Collagen Citrus Flavor 450g Maboflex Advanced Collagen Citrus Flavor 450g
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    Maboflex Advanced Collagen Flavor Citrus 450g

    Food supplement. It includes hydrolyzed collagen. Synergistic components. Recovery of muscles. Improvement in the joints. Proven effectiveness.

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  • Maboderm Regerador Intensive Heels 100ml
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    Maboderm Regerador Intensive Heels 100ml

    A moisturizing and repairing cream with urea. Eliminates hopes and roughness thanks to a natural exfoliation. With salicylic acid that effectively exfoliates your skin. It will be enough to apply both times on the skin and let it absorb. After 7 days you will notice some results showing soft feet and without roughness.

    9,95 € -20.1035% 7,95 €
  • Maboflex Physio Spray 125ml
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    Maboflex Physio Spray 125ml

    Apply directly to the skin. Massage for 2 to 5 seconds in circular motions. Relieves pain teachers in a very simple way. 100% natural and in a spray format is very easy to apply. It is a product with cold effect with natural plant extracts.

    10,95 € -22.1918% 8,52 €
  • M-Fhaktor 60ml
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    M Fhaktor 60ml

    Provides anti-aging effect. Reduces wrinkles. Increases the luminosity. Recovers reactive skins. Provides skin care Presentation of 60ml.

    6,95 € -22.3022% 5,40 €
  • Maboflex Collagen Lemon Flavor 375g Maboflex Collagen Lemon Flavor 375g
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    Maboflex Collagen Lemon Flavor 375g

    Food supplement. With hydrolyzed collagen. It includes vitamins. Strengthens the immune system. Decreases the wear of the joints. Revitalizes the body.

    18,95 € -27.1504% 13,80 €
  • Maboderm Tired Legs 100ml
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    Maboderm Tired Legs 100ml

    Improves the feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the legs. Relief with freshness and a feeling of well-being immediately. With red vine extract and green tea oil which facilitates natural circulation. Apply directly on the legs and make a light massage to facilitate its total absorption. It also contains caffeine, vitamin E and Goji extract. A small...

    9,95 € -24.603% 7,50 €
  • Mabo Sueño 60 Gominolas
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    Mabo Dream 60 Jelly Beans

    Made with natural ingredients. Blackberry Flavor Gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free. Rich in fiber, vitamin C and minerals. Low in calories: only 33 calories per serving Help to prepare your break

    19,95 € -25.0677% 14,95 €

They have a great experience, since since 1996 this company has developed as a result of the answers provided by its customers, while their efforts are aimed at generating the greatest profitability and flexibility in their products.

All medicines produced by this company are manufactured using processes and components to provide superior quality, placing greater emphasis on the technical and human aspect.

How does Mabo start its activities?

This company began its activities in 1996 when its founders decided to start in the nascent generic sector and obtained Laboratorios MABO, S. A. of Valencia, at that time it was known as Mabogastrol.

Quickly starts Mabo, to develop exclusively generic drugs. Although, in its beginnings there was no registration of generics, so the first products marketed did not include the acronym EFG, which were obtained later.

The first product of Maboo that entered the market was Famotidine Mabo, with presentations of 20 mg and 40 mg, exposed in packs of 14 and 28 tablets.

Subsequently, the expansion and increase of the sale of generics in Spain began and this company was able to increase its vademecum according to the patents of the products that were culminating, so it currently has a wide catalog in the sector.

How are Mabo products made?

Currently there is a large number of Mabo products, which are manufactured by means of pharmaceutical companies that are properly and regularly audited by the European Health Authorities and by the parent company.

All these companies comply with the European Good Manufacturing Practices certificates and some have the validation of the US regulatory body, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration to be able to market in the North American market.

In addition, they are required to comply strictly with current environmental regulations, since this company has a great care towards the environment and in the elaboration of each product seeks to generate excellence in its galénica and in the clinic.

As for galenic, it has a technology that favors the realization of bioequivalent products that use a reduced amount of excipients and are carefully chosen to reduce the appearance of unwanted side effects.

Most of its products are the result of accelerated R & amp; D work, since the use of technology makes each tablet dissolves easily in the stomach and generates its excellent results in a faster and more effective way.

Regarding the clinic, each product produced by this brand seeks to comply with the Guidelines relating to bioequivalence, adjusting the bioequivalence curves of each product so that they are superimposable to those of the original molecule.

What is Mabo Vital Health?

This wonderful company has a line of products specially developed to provide users with an improvement in their movements, providing them with the nutrients they require to be able to move more freely.

Providing a large number of solutions that allow to preserve the proper functioning of the joints, restoring those substances that the body does not generate by itself, either as a result of internal factors such as age or external factors such as stress.

Among the main nutrients that favor the movement of the body is collagen, so Mabo has supplements that provide this molecule to generate excellent care in the body, while also having an effective dose of hyaluronic acid.

The use of these products generates an improvement in the care of bones, muscles, joints and skin, preserving their functionality, providing them elasticity and resistance.

What is Mabo salud digetiva?

This range of Maboo it has been aimed at improving the health of the body taking care of the interior, so it favors the reduction of digestive problems and generates an improvement in the immune system improving its function and invigorating it.

This company has a supplementation that collaborates with the optimal functioning of the immune and digestive system, collaborating with the use of all the benefits provided by the food we consume.

Each of its products has been developed using the beneficial bacteria found in the body in a positive way, providing superior health care and helping its levels to be found conveniently in the body.

Its products provide bacteria that are found in the intestinal ecosystem, making it favors a large number of functions of the body, improving the amount that inhabits the intestine to promote nutrition and defense of the same.

What is Mabo Cardiovascular Health?

It is a line of products specially formulated to take care of the body's motor, in other words, the heart, so products have been developed that collaborate with the conservation of the cardiovascular system in good condition.

These products have been formulated with the purpose of providing specific nutrients that provide an improvement to the cardiovascular system and include components specifically selected to strengthen and preserve it.

There are some aimed at reducing total cholesterol levels, managing to prevent the absorption of cholesterol that is ingested through food, others reduce its preparation naturally and others generate both results.

What is Mabo Women's Health?

Maboo it has developed a series of specific supplements for the well-being of women, managing to treat some peculiarities and requirements of the female organism.

It has products aimed at skin care, since it is the largest organ that is in the body and requires great care, so it demands a series of nutrients that favor the conservation of its youth.

In addition, it has products specially formulated for the care of the female urinary system, since it usually suffers from infections as a result of the hormonal changes that women usually suffer and modifications in the intimate pH,

You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.