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Mabo Dream 60 Jelly Beans


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  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Blackberry Flavor
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free.
  • Rich in fiber, vitamin C and minerals.
  • Low in calories: only 33 calories per serving
  • Help to prepare your break

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Benefiticios Mabo Sueno 60 Gominwave

The gominwave Mabo Sueno 60 cont.inin aa Izcla of hierbathroom and extractos vegetaales with purposefdiappend relajbefore and calmbefore for ayyouar a relajar the cebupo and the mente.

Esta Izcla cont.ijan:

  • Passiflora, that ayuda a ativiar the ansfdiad and the tension.
  • Valer...iana, that cont.riboopse a Ijorar the sueno and a reducgo the estrbe.
  • MelISA, that ayuda a ativiar the tension and the dolpray of cAbeza.
  • Avena, that cont.riboopse a relajar the sistema nerviosor.

In addition, Mabo Sueño 60 gummies are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B3, which helps improve memory and concentration, and magnesium, which helps reduce fatigue and stress.

These gummies also contain iron, which helps prevent anemias. For all this, they are an excellent option for those people who are looking to lead a balanced and relaxed life.

Comor debor of tosea Mabo Sueno 60 Gominwave

Mabo Sueno 60 Gominwave it recimoenda tosea aa gomita at dwas.

Esta it ofbe of tosea at acostarse, as that cont.ijan aa Izcla of ingredientbe naturalbe that ayyouan a promover a sueno reparador.

OfberACE of masticar the gomita youravemente for that it disuelgo the ingredientbe and the absorbathroom your organismor.

Porthat of of buyar Mabo Sueno 60 Gominwave

Mabo Sueno 60 Gominwave be aa deliciosa and saltyouable goalosina, that ofreEC aa variedad of sabpray a the norños and adultos.

Esta gominwave cont.ijan muchos nutrientbe and vitaminACE, and tambiin be rica in fibra and antioxidantbe.

Esta goalosina be aa buena alternatVAT for the postbeef and meriendas, as that be baja in limeoriACE and Alta in nutrientbe. The gominwave of Mabo Sueno tambiin it han havecho famosACE by your sabor ornico and your limeida.

Esta goalosina be aa buena opcion for hereellos that buscan aa goalosina saltyouable and sabrosa for disfrutar.