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Lynfase Fluid 24 Bottles Duplo Promotion


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Lynfase Fluid 24 Bottles Duplo Promotion informs all by promoting pack with two containers lynfase fluid original of 12 bottles each one with all the power of buckwheat and ruscus ensures results optimal. Without alcohol, without dyes, without preservatives. Does not contain gluten.

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Benefits of single-dose lynfase ingredients

Buckwheat it is a pseudo cereal that has great benefits for your health and is suitable for celiacs.

  • Regulates blood glucose
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • It allows to reduce inflammation and improve blood pressure great effect this on cellulite and on processes that do not allow to drain the body.
  • And it has a very high content in flavonoids like rutin and quercetin.
  • It also allows to control cholesterol

It also contains large amounts of rusco . it has several substances such as glycoside resins and fibers and is authorized by the European Medicines Agency with a number of benefits such as circulatory ailments,
This is where we are going to benefit in butcher's broom lynphase since it has a diuretic action due to its carotene content and helps combat fluid retention it has anti-inflammatory action to alleviate pain in all joints which will allow us to make a very effective treatment in fluid retention such as cellulite

Buy lynfase single dose in format so that it is more economical and beneficial you will buy a pack of 24 valid for almost a month of treatment which will allow you to obtain better results train weight request and joint care.
Allows the drainage of body fluids naturally thanks to the mouth adipodren and the combination of buckwheat, Butcher's Broom, goldenrod and orthosiphon leaves all of them in a fluid loss combination

Treatment very effective cellulite and global or localized fluid loss of the body.

With its 100% natural components it is formulated without alcohol which allows a very high tolerance.
It is formulated without dyes and without preservatives which ensures that its composition is 100% natural.
Does not contain suitable for celiacs.