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Lusine specialists in care of your skin and treatments dermatologicos.

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  • Lutsine Xeramance lip balm
    Lutsine Xeramance lip balm

    Lutsine Lip balm regenerates your lips and keeps them hydrated. Ideal for chapped lips and wounds.

    2,80 €
  • Lutsine Eryplast Water Paste 125 g Duplo Lutsine Eryplast Water Paste 125 g Duplo
    Out of stock
    Lutsine Eryplast Water Paste 125 g Duplo

    Lutsine saving container with two units of eryplast 125 g it is the leading water pasta in the market at an incredible price, save 40 %. 250 grams

    19,90 € -19.696% 15,98 €
  • Lutsine Eryplast Duplo Pasta al Agua 75 gramos Lutsine Eryplast Duplo Pasta al Agua 75 gramos
    Out of stock
    Lutsine Eryplast Duplo Pasta Water 75 grams

    Lutsine Eryplast pasta water duplo 75 g, are specific creams for the care of the baby's bottom, is a pasta to water that prevents irritation of the culete by urine and feces. Perfect for the baby's care.

    13,00 € -15.7356% 10,95 €
  • Lutsine Bactopur Gel Cleanser 200 ml Duplo
    Out of stock
    Lutsine Bactopur Gel Cleanser 200 ml Duplo

    Lutsine Bactopur Gel cleanser Duplo saving is a gel for cleaning of oily skin and remove the excess fat that causes the skin helping to their total elimination and prevent acne and pimples. Ideal for treatment of blackheads, blackheads, age of youth, or adult.

    30,00 € -26.8253% 21,95 €
  • Feniderma Cream atopic 100ml
    Out of stock
    Feniderma Cream atopic 100ml

    Feniderma Cream is a restorative cream emollient for the symptomatology of the skins atopic, extremely dry, intolerant, hiperreactivas and sensitive. It is also useful for the care moisturizing eczema of the hands, seborrheic dermatitis, and contact dermatitis.

    18,95 €
  • Lutsine Eryplast Duplo 200 grams
    Out of stock
    Lutsine Eryplast Duplo pasta water 200 grams

    Lutsine Eryplast 200 grams format Duplo and savings, the cream of diaper more sold in format saving and format of offer of 2 units, creates a smooth film of cream on the baby's skin to prevent irritation of poop and pee on the delicate skin.

    29,00 € -17.2716% 23,99 €

Laboratories Dermatologic Lutsine we pursue one goal: to improve the quality of life of patients. That's why these are our values:

Will constant striving for innovation: The Laboratories Dermatologic Lutsine, faithful to his more than 30 years researching and innovating, they have not stopped studying the skin in order to better understand and respond to their needs.

Support professionals: the Laboratories Dermatologic Lutsine are at the service of health professionals, dermatologists, pediatricians and pharmacists, and always willing to listen to them in order to better respond to the expectations and needs of their patients.

The quality and excellence of the formulations are a constant concern of the researchers working with the formulations Lutsine. So all of the assets and formulas of the products Lutsine are jointly developed with dermatologists.

In the Laboratory Dermatological Lutsine we develop products that are effective, safe and well tolerated.
All of our products have been tested under dermatological control.
Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness.

The effectiveness and high tolerance products Lutsine make them care cosmetic reference in particular to treat:

  1. Oily skin and acneicas

  2. The dry skin and atopic

  3. Diaper rash, and the skin of the baby

  4. Sensitive skins and cuperósicas

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